Countdown to IMCuse – Week 1 Recap

Just like I said on Friday, weekly recap has been pushed to Mondays to accommodate the corresponding training weekend. So, without further ado, here’s week 1 training recap in the countdown to Ironman 70.3 Syracuse!

Last Saturday: Nuffin of training productivity. 

Last Sunday: Finger Lakes Triathlon Club swim clinic. I don’t remember what all we did. But I managed to get in 2200 wonderful meters. I push so much harder when I’m coached in the water. I can push myself on the bike and when running, but these swim clinics are awesome for me. 

Monday: Planned- 30 minute speed drill run + strength
              Actual- 30 minutes of negative split hill repeats + strength

Ran hill repeats on the treadmill. I put the treadmill into “hill” mode and picked random hill intervals and heights, but it didn’t seem difficult to me. Thank you naturally hilly neighbor where I run. It was a nice 3.25 miles overall even if it didn’t feel like it accomplished what I had hoped. I then did about 25 minutes of full body strength training. 

Tuesday: Planned- 1400m swim(am)/spinning + FLTC track workout(pm)
               Actual- 1400m swim(am)/spinning + half the FLTC track workout(pm)

Like I said before, I do so much better when I’m pushed in the pool. I did my 1400 meters in a mix of 50 and 100 meter sprints. Nothing crazy. I went to the full hour of spinning and it was spinning as usual. After class I wandered downstairs, did a quick shoe changes, and met up with tri club people for the indoor track workout. The workout consisted of a warm up run, 4×400, a mid run cool down, 4×400, cool down. I did the warm up, first set of 4×400 sprints, and the mid run cool down. My legs were pretty spent at that point, as is evident by my sprint times- 1:47, 1:58, 1:54, 1:55 respectively. That works out a pace of 7:42, 8:29, 8:19, and 8:13. Not fast at all. My sprints should be much faster. But I’m happy with the day as whole as far as my training goes.

Wednesday: Planned- 4 mile run + strength
                   Actual- 3 mile run + foam rolling

This was meant to be an easy, steady rate recovery run. My legs were super tight and I was fighting some runners trots, so I called the run at mile 3 and went to find a foal roller. I spent an extensive amount of time rolling out my legs instead of strength training. I feel I made the right call. 

Thursday: Planned- 1200m swim(am)/spinning(pm)
                Actual- 2000m swim

I have all shorter swims scheduled for Thursday mornings primarily because I have to leave an extra half an hour early for work on Thursdays. But since I employed getting up an hour earlier on T/TH with this past Thursday being my first go at it, I covered a lot more distance. I got to the pool in time to do the coached lesson, which as I figured, was worth missing an hour in bed. Did a few hundred meter warm up followed by intervals; 3×150-75-75 then 5×50-25. Throw in a cool down plus I hung around and did the last couple laps I needed to hit 2000 meters and I am quite pleased with this. But by about 10:30 in the morning though I got slammed with sick and I was sidelined with a horrid cold for a few days. I skipped spin at the last minute because my body decide to ache and get heavy with sick. Yuck. 

Friday: Planned- Rest
            Actual- Rest

I did my usual sleep in followed by dragging myself to work for my morning jail program. After I left that though I called work quits to and headed home to try and sleep off my sickness. 

Saturday: Planned- 5 mile run
               Actual- Rest

Still trying to sleep off being sick. Ugh. First week of training and this is what I get. Figures. 

Sunday: Planned- 60 minute spin(or bike)
             Actual- 2.18 mile “recovery” run outside.

Feeling somewhat better I opted to try and take advantage of the sunshine. It was still cold outside, but I took off with the intention of just going for as long as I could muster, but slowly and well controlled. And that didn’t happen. I was definitely not up to snuff for a run outside in the cold. I ran 10 minute miles which is usually a pretty leisurely pace for me. Yeah, not this time. Heart rate was way elevated and I had a hard time breathing. So needless to say I didn’t get far. 

Total Training:
Swim- 5600 meters (3400 if you don’t count the clinic)
Bike- 18.5 miles 
Run- 11.49 miles
Strength- 25 minutes, full body
Time- 6 hours and 30 minutes. Not enough. 

My “being-sick-makes-running-hard” face. Not amused. 

This week I need to finish working through being sick and really get all my workouts in. As long as I’m back up to par it shouldn’t be difficult to get everything in. Here’s to hoping I feel better and get a hard week in this week. 

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  1. Your first week of IM training sounded exactly like mine. I got sick in the very first week of my training, ha ha. I had to take a couple of days off completely and then I eased back into it. Hopefully you feel better this week!!

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