Countdown to IMCuse – Week 10 Recap

Ten weeks down. Holy crap. And only six weeks left to go. I can’t believe how quickly it’s approaching. Can I buy myself some more time please?

I will admit, this week was not my best. I hit a bit of a mental wall, obvious by my last post and my lack of a usual Friday post. And while I may have cried, kicked, and screamed my way through this week in a melt down of “I can’t do this” whines, I’ll be okay. 

Monday- 2.5 mile run
This was the beginning of my meltdown. I went out for my first outside run in like, forever *stupidrain* and it was awful! My shins were hurting, I couldn’t control my breathing, and I barely made the 2.5 miles I did. I really wanted to just sit down on a curb a mile in and cry until some nice stranger picked me up and took me home or something. I don’t really know, but I was cranky and unhappy and spiraled out of control the rest of the week from here.

Tuesday- 2300m swim/20 miles bike
I say I was in a spiral, but my Tuesday was just peachy. I was cranky all day, but I managed a good day of workouts. I did 2300m in drills with the tri club at our morning swim practice and then headed out with them for an evening 20 mile bike ride too. All was fine. Albeit I was cranky, but I did fine. 

Channel your inner Julie Moss

Wednesday- 2000m swim
Normally I would run outside on Wednesday morning, but my shins were achy and I still hadn’t shaken the mental hurt from Monday’s run. I knew I’d be missing Thursday’s swim practice, so I opted to hit the pool thinking I would run outside after work (HA!) Well, I got the swim in. No run though. I just couldn’t get over my Monday crash and burn and ended up talking myself out of an afternoon run. Because negotiating workouts with myself is what I do best. 

Thursday- 24.45 miles of hilly biking!
This was another day where my pity party struck me down. My plan, seeing as I was on school schedule for work and was home by 3pm, was to ride an hour solo then meet up with my tri club for another hour and half. Then I hemmed and hawed and whined about how I was feeling this week and couldn’t decide if I should go to spinning or go ride with my club and the time ticked by. Finally I put on my big girl tri shorts and met up with my club for a hilly ride. I need the hill climbing practice, so I was happy with my ultimate decision, though I wish I had done some solo saddle time too. 

Friday- Rest day
Didn’t need it, but I took it. That’s that. 

Saturday- 5.5 mile run
My shins were still a bit hurty, but I knew I needed to log more miles than a base run. Once I got going I actually felt great, but this was the first day I have encountered heat and humidity in fell swoop since last summer and I suffered a bit. My body, my breathing, it was all good, but my heart rate was up. I called it at 5.5 miles since, even running 10 minute miles, I couldn’t get my heart rate down. So that was frustrating. I need to start doing a lot of runs in the afternoons and evening after work so I can get more acclimated to running in heat and humidity again. Because Syracuse in June is brutal and it’s only going to get worse from here. May as well prep myself for what’s to come at IMCuse.

Sunday- Brick: 8/1 miles
I had the best of intentions of doing a 30/3 mile brick, but with my parents and in-laws were coming for brunch and I really needed to clean my house. So I chopped my workout down which was okay because for whatever reason my legs were kind of sore and tired. This slowed me down on the bike but my run was good. I paced well and maintained a comfortable enough pace to snag a sub-30 5k which is my goal for my sprint tri’s this season. 

Total Training-
Swim: 4300m/2.67 miles
Bike: 52.52 miles

Run: 9.02 miles
Total: 6 hours 12 minutes (BOOOOOO)

Eh, if I hadn’t been such a mess it would have been a good week. I got in my own head though and let myself fall apart. So, this upcoming week is going to be a bit different since it’s a race week for me-

M- Recovery spin
T- Swim(am)/Bike(pm)
W- Run
T- Swim
F- Rest
S- Race Day- THE RAT SNAKE (i.e. imminent run-bike-death)
S- Rest

How was your week?
Anyone else experience a training break down ever?

14 Replies to “Countdown to IMCuse – Week 10 Recap”

  1. Aww. Sorry you didn’t have the best week. But I’ll tell you, your bad week is still way better than my great week. LOL! You’ll do great on Saturday,for sure. I have not a single doubt.

  2. I let myself negotiate my bike/swim workouts! This weekend was my first ever brick workout and I did 6.25 miles on the bike, and then 1.25 miles run. I have to admit the Gumby Legs off the bike was an interesing sensation. My sprint tri is in 3 weeks….eeek!!! Gotta get out on the bike more. My aim is just to finish!

    1. Definitely get out on your bike more, and run afterwards every time, even if it’s only for like 5-10 minutes. That gumby feeling goes away with enough practice.

  3. We all have them. Just wait until you do your first IM. I had several over the course of my 10 months of training. I feel like right now I’m on the verge of one. I’m hoping this upcoming out of town training weekend with friends will rectify that.

  4. I’m sure this weekend’s race will pump up your spirits once again! I think with the lengthy amount of time you’ve been training for Syracuse, the brain is bound to try and rebel. Can’t wait to read your race report!

  5. I have experienced a few breakdowns in all three sports. I think it is normal and good, especially in hindsight (maybe not right away). I tend to have more breakdowns on the bike, versus the swim or run, but that is typically because running and swimming are easier to stop (if need be). If I’m 20 miles from home on a bike, I have to suck it up and get there somehow!

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