Countdown to IMCuse – Week 11 Recap

OHMYGOOOSSSSHHHHH, Officially less than five weeks to go until Ironman 70.3 Syracuse! It’s getting close!!!

This was a weird week. It felt light, but I kept it that way intentionally to make for fresh legs for my race on Saturday. So, how’d I stack up?

Monday- 30 minute recovery spin
I was kind of sore Monday. I planned for an hour but forgot my ipod and got bored. I can only stare at the gym wall for so long. 

Tuesday- 2700m swim/2 hour bike
I went to the tri club’s coached swim in the morning. Coach Fish hopped in my lane half way through since the pool was busy (at 530am, WTF..?) This seemed to light a fire under my booty and I cranked out 2700 at an average pace of 1:52/100! No wonders I was out of breath. In the evening I hit up the clubs group ride and got in a nice hilly 30 mile ride. It’s a lot more fun riding with friends. Love it!

Wednesday- Unintentional rest day
I meant to run. I worked an extra long day though since I had to play master of ceremonies for a symposium for work that included Miss New York State as the main speaker! 

Thursday- 1500m swim
Swam on my lunch. Kept it at a comfortable pace and just swam. No toys or drills. Last workout before race day.

Friday- Rest day
Gotta rest those legs!

Saturday- RACE DAY – The Rat Snake Reverse Tri: 18k run/29 bike/26 yard “swim”
Full race report coming mid week. I will say this though, it was muddy, painful, crazy, and fun. 

Sunday- Rest day
My legs were sore and I was tired. Camping all weekend included minimal sleep and the dog getting us up at 5am both days. 

This week coming up is going to be difficult. Our tri club is switching our swim practices from T/TH to M/W which is going to completely screw up my schedule. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to make swim days a two a day and still workout T/TH mornings and go for club rides those evenings without over doing myself. But I guess it’s only for a few more weeks. Time to suck it up and get in my last few hard weeks in before the big race!

Total Training:
Swim- 4226 meters-ish/2.61 miles
Bike- 70.41 miles
Run- 11.2 miles
Total- 8 hours 20 minutes

So, next week is a bit different, but I’ll manage. It’s probably good for me to really log some good hard training time now before I start tapering in three weeks. 

M- Recovery spin
T- Swim/ride
W- Swim/run
T- Run/Ride
F- Rest day
S- Cooperstown BASE Race 5K
S- Brick

Who else raced this weekend? Spill it!

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  1. Great week!! I can’t wait to read your Rat Snake recap. I really don’t know how you get all thing training in while working, 8 hours+ of training is a lot, you are my inspiration! You are SO close to the IM…keep up the great work, it will be here before you know it!

  2. I feel like so many of us have races coming up in the next several weeks. It is going to be really fun to track everyone and listen to different experiences. Can’t wait to hear about how the Rat Snake went.

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