Countdown to IMCuse – Week 12 Recap

Welp, I’m coming into my last couple of build weeks here before I start my taper. Scary to think about how close Ironman 70.3 Syracuse is at this point. 

This week ended up being a recovery week, which I definitely needed after the Rat Snake last weekend. So, here’s how everything landed-

Monday- 60 minute recovery spin
Just needed to shake my legs out and flush out the last of the lactic acid that was making me sore. Nothing too crazy. 

Tuesday- 2200 swim/25 mile bike
I hopped in the pool Tuesday morning and cranked out some interval sprints. Lots of 50’s and 100’s plus a warm up and cool down. My average pace was 1:51/100 but since I was sprinting I’m not putting a lot of stock in that. However I am noticing I am getting faster when I look over all my swim data from the last few months, so that is exciting. In the evening I headed out with the tri club. Our “short” ride turned into a 25 mile full out sprint. I had 15 mile over 17mph and the only reason my total average speed for the whole ride was only 17.5 was because of how slow we ride through the state park and down town. Otherwise my average speed would have been somewhere in the 19-20mph range. I was happy, but my legs were still heavy from Saturday and they were less than thrilled. 

Wednesday- 3 mile run
Got out for a base run. I made sure I went after work so that I was in the heat and humidity. I need to be sure I’m doing my runs from now in mid afternoon or later weather. Syracuse in June is hot and brutally humid. As someone who likes to run while it’s still half dark out in the mornings, I need to get better about trying to acclimate to what I’ll be running in on race day. I was pleased with my pace too, although this is not the pace I’ll be holding on the IMCuse run. 

Thursday- 2500 swim/ 13.77 mile bike
I got up at stupid o’clock to swim with my tri club. It was a great workout and I logged 2500 yards at an average pace of 1:54/100. Coach Fish had us working hard! In the evening I saddled up to head out for the tri club group ride. I wasn’t totally feeling it, but I showed up anyways. But a few miles in and my legs were telling me no. I ended up turning around at about 7 miles out and heading home. My legs just needed some rest and I wasn’t up to fighting the wind. Mentally and physically I just wasn’t in this one. But I followed through with my 5 minute rule and made it half an hour before throwing in the towel. Can’t win em’ all.

Friday- Rest day
Needed it. Took it. I had thought about running but I opted not to after all. 

Saturday- BASE Race 5K 
Full race report coming later this week. Great little race, lots for your money, but the course was short, ugh. 

Sunday- Rest day
Yup. Much sleep was needed. More from my jam packed weekend of adventures though, clearly not from training, ha.

Total Training-
Swim: 4700 yards/2.67 miles
Bike: 61.29 miles
Run: 5.86 miles (oops)
Total: 5 hours 41 minutes

I have what I hope to be a big week coming up-

M- Brick- Musselman half iron loop plus run
T- swim
W- run
T- swim
F- long run
S- rest day- Emily’s bridal shower!
S- Bike around Seneca lake- roughly 80 miles

There it is. I only have TWO more build weeks before I taper. I need to make these count. This week will be tough because I have two work days that are 13+ hours long, which is going to suck. But life happens. I can’t stop life to train, so it is what it is. I can only do the best I can. Here’s to the last big push. Cheers!

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  1. Courtney you are amazing! The amount of training for an IM is insane – you are killing it and working. That is true dedication. Keep it up and I can’t wait to see how well you do in a couple of weeks!

  2. I don’t know how you train so hard with all of those long work days. That in and of itself has to amount to something, right? Good luck as your approach your next two build weeks – stay strong!

  3. Two more build weeks,that’s it?? AHHHHHHH!!!! Did you know that you and I are racing the same weekend?? Except I’m on the Saturday and you’re on the Sunday. Sounds like you have a solid week of training lined up! Here’s to everything going to plan!!! 🙂

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