Countdown To IMCuse – Week 2 Recap

Here it is, another full week of training logged. And this week was better seeing as I’m not sick anymore. Thank goodness.

Monday: Planned- 4 mile speed run + strength
              Actual- 4 miles of HIIT

This run gased me. It was much harder than I anticipated coming off being sick. But I’m working on that whole “not negotiating workouts with myself” thing, so I pushed through. I did skip strength training afterwards though. This was all I had in me. 

Tuesday: Planned- Coached swim(am)/60 minute spin +FLTC run workout(pm)
               Actual- Coached swim/42 minute ride outside

I don’t remember all the drills we did during the swim practice, but pat on the back to me for getting up at 5am and being in the water by 530am. That’s definitely not my favorite, but I cranked out 2200 meters, so I’m very happy. The weather was beautiful Tuesday too and I couldn’t justify locking myself up in the spin room, so I took Finley out for a real ride. It was only 12 miles, but I’m happy with it and excited to ride more and more. I missed the tri club run being out and about with my bike. Whatevs. 

Wednesday: Planned- 4.5 mile steady run +strength
                   Actual- 3 mile run + strength

I’m working hard to get my diet on track, like perfect, clean, watching my macros type of on track. I’m eating at a slight deficit too since I need to shed some weight as well. It takes my body about a week to full adjust to a revamped eating regimen, so I was struggling on this run. I was feeling sluggish and tired, so I called the run at 3 miles and still squeaked out a 30 minute full body strength session. Sometimes you have to listen to your body. This was one of those days for me. 

Griswold is proud of me for working so hard!

Thursday: Planned- Coached swim(am)/60 minute spin(pm)
                Actual- 1500 meters solo/90 minute spin

Because of the crazy snow storm we had Wednesday the Y opened a bit late and our coach was unavailable. When I originally wrote my training plan I had 1400 meters listed for today’s workout. I made my plan before our coach offered the morning workouts, so my “planned” workout was actually only the 1400, not so much the coached session. But I did the extra 100 meters. Go big, right? I also decided to make up a bit for Tuesday night’s workout coming up short and went to spinning early so I could log the extra 30 minutes. It was a good choice and I’m happy I went longer. 

Friday: Planned- Rest day
            Actual- Rest day

Much needed. I was sore at this point and I didn’t sleep well all week, so I was exhausted. This very much needed and wonderful. 

Saturday: Planned- 6 mile run
                Actual- 6 mile run

I was not excited for this. It was grey and cold and freezing rain out. I stalled for about an hour before finally working up the gusto to get out for this run. But all in all I’m really happy I followed through. This, sadly, is the longest run I’ve logged since my half marathon back in October, so I think part of my reservation was just covering the distance. But I got out, maintained an even pace almost the whole time, and just enjoyed myself. My ipod pooped out about 1.5 miles in and my miles 2 and 3 were a bit slow because twice I grabbed it and tried to convince it to work again to no avail. Just me, my feet on the pavement, and my labored breathing on this run. And it was fine. I ended up averaging a 9:38 pace and finished in 57 minutes. I wish it was faster and if I didn’t fidget so much with my ipod I would have been closer to 9:30 or less, but so goes it. I’m really happy all my miles were under 10 minutes and I got the distance done and was perfectly comfortable the whole time. 

Sunday: Planned- FLTC swim clinic
             Actual- FLTC swim clinic

Coach Fish was missing today so one of our club heads took over the workout. We ended early and I was stoke to tally up my distance and see I clocked 2150 meters in about an hour. I forgot my Garmin so I had to pull a pen and paper out of my purse and keep track of my sets and distance that way, which actually worked in my favor. I tend to forgot what all we do since my Garmin just counts my laps for me, so I have all my sets written down for this one! It included a 450 warm up, a first main set of 125-100-75-100, which are the distances I managed in the given time. Then the second set I did 3×50 followed by 2×75 and 1×100 with fins, 2×75 and 1×100 with fins and paddles. Then we did a third set of 4×50 with paddles and pull buoys then 4×25 racing. I’m happy to say that out of the five us in the 25m race sets I came in first each time with a time of either 23 or 24 second each lap. Boom. I also got a 200 meter cool down and some easy 50’s in between sets for my total distance. A very good swim overall. I’m definitely getting stronger in the water. And faster. I never thought I’d see over 2000 meters in an hour’s time. It feels awesome. 

Improvising at it’s finest

Total Training:
Swim- 5850 meters
Bike- 41.68 miles
Run- 13.01 miles
Strength- 31:17 minutes, full body
Time- 7 hours 44 minutes total

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Did you run a St. Patrick’s Day race this weekend?
How was your week of training and what was the best thing you did all weekend?

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  1. I’m loving the piece of paper with random marking and wet spots from the pool. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! Great week of training. I can completely relate with the “negotiating workouts with myself” habit that I have (and am also trying to break).

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