Countdown to IMCuse – Week 3 Recap

Week three of training is done and done!

So, let’s rehash the good, the bad, and the painful. 

Monday- Planned: 4.5 mile speed work + strength
              Actual: 3 mile HIIT run + full body strength

When I originally wrote my plan I wrote the full 16 weeks out. I’m finding that this was actually not quit the right approach. So from here on out I’ll be writing my weekly plan the weekend before. I had myself building up to 6 mile base runs, but that’s unnecessary and ultimately doesn’t leave me with time for strength training. So I dialed back the run distance and got my strength in too. I feel it was the right choice. 

Tuesday- Planned: Coached swim(am)/60 minute spin + FLTC run
              Actual: Coached swim(am)/60 minute spin +failed attempt to run to and from gym

I made it to the coached swim no problem and cranked out 2000 meters. I was hoping to do 2200, but I was having a swim suit malfunction, so I ended up getting out of the water a bit early. After work I thought it would be a good idea to run to and from the gym and back instead of going to the tri club run. NOPE. It required me to carry my spinning shoes, towel, and water in my little drawstring backpack. I made it halfway down my street before I turned around and went back for my car. I then skipped the tri club run vowing to go Thursday instead. I did get my spin on though.

Wednesday- Planned: 4 mile run +strength
                   Actual: DUMBEST RUN EVER

I tried to run after work. I tried to beat the rain. It was windy, freezing, slop falling from the sky, snow melt everywhere, slipping in the mud, ridiculous. I hated it. Every dumb second of it. I did 2 craptastic miles. DONE. 

swim-bike-run safely!

Thursday- Planned: Coached swim(am)/60 minute spin +FLTC run
                Actual: Coached swim(am)/60 minute spin + some of FLTC run

As much as getting in the pool at 530am pains me, I’m doing okay. This swim was filled with lots of sprint drills. It wasn’t bad. Then afterwards I hung around and worked on a stroke adjusted and got in an additional 700 meters and got myself up to 3000 meters total. That’s a personal best in swim distance for me. Pretty good. After work I scampered right over to spinning. The Thursday night instructor is no joke. Her class is super hard and I was pooped afterwards. But I gathered up my stuff and headed out to meet the tri club for hill repeats. I was pretty gassed at this point and it was windy as all get out and snow was coming down. My sweat from spinning was freezing to me so, just the three of us who opted to brave the weather took off. We did about 1.4 miles of a hilly warm up run before hitting the bottom of The Hill of Certain Death. It’s a full quarter mile long and it was into a head wind the whole way up. I did it once. Just once. Done. I was mostly done because I was spent from spinning right before and a 3000 meter swim only hours earlier that morning. The weather was miserable and I vowed to come back solo one day and do the full workout. They were planning to run this hill eight times for a total of four miles in hill repeats and roughly seven miles total with warm up and cool down. This is something I desperately need, but just couldn’t muscle through at that point. So I ran back to where we had parked for a total mileage of only 2.23 miles. Not great, but I’m trying. I will go back though and do the full workout another day.

Friday- Planned: Rest day
            Actual: Rest day

I slept until after 730am. It was amazing. The end. 

Saturday- Planned: 7 mile run
                Actual: Nothing

I woke up snotty and with some scratches in my throat. The wind was whipping so hard the trees were bending over and sleet was hammering the windows. I opted to hold off my run until Sunday when the weather was supposed to be dry and sunny, albeit cold. 

Sunday- Planned: 60 Minute spin
             Actual: More nothing

I woke up congested, hacking up green gunk, and my throat swollen and painful to the point where I couldn’t even get words to happen to tell Rob I was sick. I have now had to succumb to sickness two out of my three first weeks of training. What the hell.

Swim: 5000 meters
Bike: 38.8 miles

Run: 7.56 miles
Strength: 25 minutes full body
Time: 5 hours 20 minutes. Ugh, nothing. Basically nothing. 

Halls tried to convince me to quit being such a baby

My biggest issue with barely being able to talk is that I’m supposed to teach five health classes Monday and five more on Tuesday at one of my middle schools this week for work. Because not being able to talk makes teaching awesome. 

So, this upcoming week; remember I said I’d be planning week to week from now on? This is definitely a week requiring some flexing. So here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish this week-

M-run after work (health pending)
T- spin and run after work
W- run + strength
TH- swim(am)/spin(pm)
F- rest 
S- long run 
S- swim clinic + bike (maybe brick???)

Sunday is going to be nice. I cannot forgo the swim clinic, especially since I’ll miss swimming Tuesday morning. But I can’t not take advantage and get out on my bike. I’m thinking I’ll park at the state park entrance this time and see how much I feel like possibly logging two or three miles afterwards. 

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. 

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  1. I love the way you incorporated the word craptastic into this post. It was perfectly placed and made me laugh. Way to kill it in the pool and put in an all time best. What an accomplishment. I have yet to swim beyond 2500m, but hopefully will get there soon. Sorry to hear your weekend was a bust due to being sick. That must have been really frustrating, but at least you got some rest and are ready to take on the week ahead. Feel better soon!

  2. You do such a great job fitting in your strength training even when you fee like crap – I need to take a lesson! And congrats on your pool conquest! With how strong you are already in the bike/run, looks like you are well on your way to dominating the IMCuse swim course as well! Hope you feel better soon – this is the longest, ugliest winter/cold season ever.

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