Countdown to IMCuse – Week 4 Recap

Well, don’t expect much from this post, I don’t have a heck of a lot to share.

In fact, I’ll spare you a lot of boring reading. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was nothing. Well, I took Griswold for a walk Tuesday, but that was it. Otherwise I did zero working out. 

Thursday I did manage to get to the gym. My plan was to get into the spin room early enough before the 530 class to spin in complete darkness and solitude for 30-45 minutes. Cue getting caught up in conversation with hubby, who then followed me and continued to chat with me for the first ten minutes of my ride. Then this kind of crazy women showed up 30 minutes early in an attempt to claim “her” bike. Hubby proceeded to leave and lock me alone in the spin room. I put my headphones on and pretended I didn’t see her pounding on the door window and waving at me. After 20 minutes on the bike I was sick and tired of no one leaving me alone. I wanted 30 minutes of quiet, solitude, dark spinning to myself. FRICK. I finally stomped out of the spin. On my way out I peaked into the gym and noticed one of the two spin bike in there, hiding amongst the regular gym bike and recumbent bikes to be open. So I quickly claimed it and did another 25 minutes of aggravated spinning. The gym was busy and bright and there someone on the bikes on either side of me. This was not the workout I wanted, but I ended up getting a solid 45 minute spin in and I was happy to at least sweat and move a bit for the first time in seven days. 

Friday I took my usual rest day. I wanted to get a long run in the weekend but the weather, gosh this freaking winter will not die! It was torrential downpours all day Saturday. Freezing raining down pours in the 35F degree weather. Then Sunday we woke up to a few fresh inches of snow and more coming down. I mean, seriously??? April is tomorrow. JUST STOP ALREADY. 

I did get to the tri club swim clinic Sunday morning though. 

That’s right, check out that pace! And that time includes the shorter rests. I stop my watch if I know I’m going to be stopped for 30 seconds or longer, but anything under I tend to let my watch run, so I was probably a bit faster than that. Not going to lie, that’s the pace I was kind of hoping to maintain for sprints and oly’s this year, but seeing as I managed 3000 meters and that was my pace, I’m thinking this might be more my half Ironman pace and I could potentially be even faster in short course races. Very exciting. Coach Fish even juggled me into a different pace lane for the tail end of practice. I was able to keep up with faster swimmers for our last drill. It was pretty awesome. I’m still struggling with endurance though and covering long distances without stopping for a few seconds is still hard. I think once we can hit open water this will change though since I won’t have to break rhythm to stop and turn around. I can only get into so much of a groove before I have to turn around in my lane. 

I’m still coughing a bit, but I’m ready to get back to training! This week is going to be a bit difficult. I have an 11 hour work day today then Tuesday my parents are coming to take me and Hubs out to dinner as an early birthday celebration for me. So, for this week-

Monday: base run + strength
Tuesday: FLTC swim practice + run
Wednesday: run OUTSIDE!!(am) + bike ride and short run OUTSIDE(pm)
Thursday: FLTC swim practice(am) + 90 minute spin + run(pm)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: long bike ride outside (distance TBD)

And of course, now to announce the winner of the blog hop foam roller giveaway. Drum roll please!

The winner is…

Kitty Lecvan! Check your email Kitty =)

Who’s won a give away before? Win anything awesome?
Anyone else have a wishy-washy training week? Or was yours kickass?

11 Replies to “Countdown to IMCuse – Week 4 Recap”

  1. I won an entry to a Tough Mudder last year.! It got me hooked on OCRs/mud runs.

    I had a pretty kickass training week, even though I felt sleep deprived.

    You’re still doing awesome! And good for you on listening to your body and taking the rest, even if you didn’t want to!

  2. Great job on the swim. I am still trying to figure out the “magic” behind getting faster in the pool. Week after week I remain at my slow, snail-like pace. 🙂 My training week felt like a constant battle against the elements, but went better than expected. My coach has me scheduled for my very first bike-run brick this week, so I’m kinda excited to see what that feels like!

  3. Happy early Birthday to you?! And in yet another crazy coincidence, mine is coming up too – just a week away!!
    Never won a give away – perhaps I should enter more. Nice job on getting in the pool even though you felt like poop. This weather has GOT to let up sometime, right?

  4. Last week’s training started off great…including a great 10 mile run after work on Wednesday. Then it all went down hill after a woke up in the wee hours of Thursday morning with a stomach bug. Needless the same the rest of the training week was nonexistent or just trying to get back. Not fun! Since I rarely get sick, I hope this is my only health “hiccup” that I will have to deal with before my IM!!

    I have to say kudos to you on a great swim!! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing improvement after lots of hard work!

  5. Great job on that swim, you are so fast!! Swimming is SO hard for me. I can do it, I just don’t think I breathe correctly and I focus so much on trying to catch my breath!

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