Countdown To IMCuse – Week 5 Recap

It’s that time again. Where I tell you all about my triumphs and my fails in terms of my seemingly rocky training to get myself to the starting line of Ironman Syracuse.

This week was pretty hit or miss. 

Monday- Nothing
This was my a big fail of the week. I let my brain think before rolling out of bed and consequently thought it was Sunday morning and fell back asleep. And having to work an 11 hour day meant I couldn’t make up my missed workout after work either.

Tuesday- FLTC swim practice
This was a bit of a fail too. I planned to go to my coached swim practice and follow up my pool time with a run, but forgot to grab my running bag on my way out the door. I did get 2500 meters in at a 1:58/100 pace, so it was still a great workout even with a run.

Wednesday- 3 mile run
Strength training is definitely, once again, falling to way side as I shift to outdoor workouts. I got in a relatively moderately paced 3 mile run, averaging a 9:10 pace. Not super fast, but I was comfortable so overall I feel like it was a good run. 

Bah. Running. I’ve been failing a bit at this this year so far. Oops. 

Thursday- 1950 meter swim/15.17 mile bike
This was my first solid, good training day of the week it felt like. I struggled a bit in the water, but overall I got a great session in. All the drills we did felt like they really pushed my limits, which I need. Then after work I hooked Finley up to the bike rack and set off for a ride. I started at the State Park entrance this time but I still turned too early to hit the whole Mini Mussel bike route. I’m vowing right here, right now, that I will not cut the route short anymore. My first race with a bike leg is creeping up on me wayyyyy too quickly to not be logging some real bike miles at this point. My pace was a bit slow, but I’m still getting the feel for riding aero and learning Finley’s gears, so what felt like a moderate pace for me on this ride had me around 16.3 mph. Not too shabby for a training ride. 

Drinking is training, right?

Friday- Rest day.
I thought about going to the gym, but I ended up not making it. My legs from groin to ankle and all the way around were sore and I was feeling exhausted despite not working too hard this week. I needed this. My body is very accustomed to it’s Friday’s off and I don’t think I can break this habit now. Plus I went to happy hour with a couple of friends. See above yumminess, ha. 

Saturday- 5 mile run
I had an 8 miler planned for today, but I kind of had the feeling when I woke up that 8 miles was not in the cards. I’m not sure why, but I could just feel it. My plan B workout was the 5 miles I did and even that felt like a miracle to finish. My first mile actually felt okay. My body was comfortable and my heart rate was staying low even with a low 9 minute per mile pace. But then my calves revolted. They seized up and decided they did not feel like suffering through the horrible wind and pelting snow that was coming down. I planned an out and back and painstakingly turned around at the 2 mile mark thinking I may not even make it the other 2 miles home. I was seriously suffering. I stopped to stretch four times. However, by the time I hit about the 3.8 mile mark and was just down the street from my house, I began telling myself no negotiating! and pressed on. And you know what happened? My fifth mile was my best mile! I did a lap around my neighborhood, clocked in a sub-9 minute mile, and felt pleased with myself despite being tight and in a bit of pain. 

Sunday- 15.85 mile bike
Not as long of a ride as I had hoped for, but a few things went a bit arwy almost immediately. Less than a mile in I stood and instead of moving my hands to the hoods I stayed aero. My full body weight against my arms caused my right elbow pad to shift. I pulled over and tried desperately to shove and yank it back into place to no avail. Also, my speed and cadence sensor was out of its freaking mind. It only clocked me at less than 13 miles at an average speed of about 14mph. Map My Ride confirms what I knew to be true; that my sensor is out to get me. My ride actually clocked in at the 15.85 miles with an average speed of 17.7 mph. More what I expected. So my sensor is officially coming off and being stowed away until it’s trainer season again in the fall. I”m planning to poke my head into my LBS tomorrow and have them fix that elbow pad since it wasn’t very comfortable to have my one arm out of alignment. 

Total Training-
Swim: 4450 meters
Bike: 31.02 miles
Run: 8 miles
Total: 5 hours 33 minutes. Not enough at all

This week poses a bit of a challenge. Today I have an early meeting that will prevent me from getting a morning workout in. And Friday mid morning I leave for Atlantic City for the weekend, so my weekend workouts will not exist. So, here’s what I’m hoping for next week.

M- bike
T- swim/spin
W- run
T- swim/spin
F- long run
S/S- nothing

It’ll end up being a lighter week again, but I think if I can get higher intensity workouts I can pick up the slack in lost time. Then the following week I’ll be pushing myself into training overdrive. It’s time and I need it. 

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  1. I feel that way about running too! But you are doing a good job at least you did 5 and a half hours! Be proud of that. Good luck with the training Courtney.

    1. Kind of. I have a 40 mile reverse tri on May 17 that’s comprised of an 18k trail run, a 29 mile bike, and a 26 yard “slog” through a lake. Otherwise IMCuse is my first real triathlon of the season. I have two previous seasons of sprints and Oly’s under me though. Why?

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