Countdown to IMCuse – Week 6 Recap

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying! Can you believe it’s six weeks already??? Just craziness. 

Even though I had no weekend workouts on the docket this week thanks to Atlantic City, I still managed a pretty decent week. Nothing too crazy, but I got some training in and stuck with my plan through and through, which is a win in and of itself.

Monday- 60 minute solo spin
My calves were so tight and still in pain from my horrid excuse of a run on Saturday, so I skipped my usual Monday run and replaced it with some alone time on the spin bike. I kept my heart rate in zone 2 the whole time minus a couple of sprints just for good measure. 

Tuesday- 2050m Swim(am) / Spin Class(pm)
Solo is apparently the theme this past week. Coach Fish was absent Tuesday morning as was about 75% of our usual morning swim crew. So I clock in a mostly solo swim. I did a few longer intervals with one other club member, but I mostly kept to myself. I did a 300m warm up, a first main set of 4×200, a second main set of 6×50 with my pull and paddles, a 300m for good measure, than I got the remaining distance from my cool down. In the evening I made it to spin class and got in over an hour of saddle time in a very tough class, which I definitely needed. 

Wednesday- 3 mile run
This was my first run since feeling some pain on Saturday. I wanted to make sure I didn’t restrain a calf by running too soon after such a painful run Saturday. My calves were a bit tight, but they weren’t in pain so I got in 3 miles. I struggled a bit though and came in at a slow pace with a higher than normal heart rate for said pace. It wasn’t pretty or fun, but I got out and did it, so I’ll take the win. 

Thursday- 2000m swim(am)/Spin Class(pm)
Once again, no Coach Fish. Another member lead our workout but I was super tired and struggling a bit in the water, so I just did the best I could. I didn’t do the best job keeping up though. My average time was 2:04/100, so a bit slower than I’ve been recently. No big deal though. In the evening I went to spin class and sweated my booty off. First day over 50F since, oh, I don’t know, October? And not just over 50, but over 70! My body was so confused. But IMCuse is notoriously hot weather wise, so I need to start doing some afternoon workouts in the sun now that it’s finally here. 

Friday- Nothing
I was hoping to run in the morning before taking off to Atlantic City for the weekend, but that just didn’t happen. I had too much packing and errand running to do before taking off at 10am. 

Weekend- Drunken pool lounging and dancing
Um… funnest weekend ever! Who has time to work out when you’re busy laying around your private cabana and a waitress is making sure your drink cup is never empty. I did dance a whole heck of a lot Saturday night, but I’m going to say two hours of dancing did not undo any of the mass amounts of bad food and booze I consumed all weekend. 

I seem to be having a difficult time pulling my act together to get this post done and out, so please excuse the lack of pictures and lameness that is this recap.

For this week:
M- run/ride with my tri club(?)
T- swim/track workout
W- run/ride with my tri club(?)
T- swim/run with FLTC or spin
F- rest
S- long run
S-  long ride

3 Replies to “Countdown to IMCuse – Week 6 Recap”

  1. We all have weeks that aren’t stellar, you will get right back into it. I’m glad you gave your calf some rest, I deal with super tight calves and it just stinks. I seriously wish I knew what it felt like to never have any kind of ailment when I run! I’m so glad your trip to Atlantic City was fun, have a great week!!

  2. That still sounds like a pretty great week to me! At least you got some time in the pool and on the bike! Hope your calf starts feeling better – if it’s not one thing it’s another, right? 🙂 So glad you had an awesome weekend though! Not much better than warm temps, a pool, a private cabana and booze!

  3. I could use a break and private cabana with a drink that is always full. What a fun weekend – no shame in that for sure! It was probably just what you needed to recharge and get your head back in the game for what’s to come. It looks like you have quite the week ahead of you. Happy training!

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