Countdown To IMCuse – Week 7 Recap

Time feels like it’s dwindling quickly here. I cannot believe I’m approaching the half way point in my training for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse.

This week was a struggle. Coming back from Atlantic City after a weekend filled with fun and mass amounts of eating and drinking, I came crashing down from my fun high. But I did my best to just get myself reassimilated to life again. 

The whole Junebug crew in AC. Who says you can’t make real life via the internet!

So, how’d my week go other than being tired and sluggish? 

Monday- Split run 10k (6.3 miles)
Husband and I got up and went running together first thing in the morning. We ran behind the high school, through the bus garage, and back via the road I use for out and back runs. It’s came out to 3.15 miles, so just about a perfect 5k. It was slow going, but I was struggling having gotten back late the night before. And with Seneca7 only two weeks away at this point I decided to do a split run. So in the afternoon I headed back out and did the same loop in reverse. I was a bit speedier the second time around, so that was nice. 

Tuesday- 2000m swim(am)/60 Spin + 1.5 mile run(pm)
I started Tuesday out with my usual 530am swim. It hurts my feelings to even think working out at 530am is getting to be a normal thing for me. Who am I!? Cranked out 2000m with the tri club doing some endurance drills and was happy with my results. I did a slightly distance modified version just to keep up with the freaking sharks the rest of the team seems to be. In the evening I went to my usual 530pm spin class and got in a full hour plus. Then after class I went down to the gym and hopped on a treadmill. With it being the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings it was important to me to run. It was made even more meaningful that all the TV’s in the gym were showing the coverage from last year. It felt nice to run with purpose. And good to shake my legs out off the bike. I need to start doing more brick work. 

Wednesday- Rest
Day one of two of sleeping through my alarm. And with an evening meeting with my Seneca7 team I opted to make today my rest day and vowed to train on Friday since I’d be off work. 

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Thursday- 2 hour Spin 
Day two of sleeping through my alarm. Clearly I was tired and hadn’t caught up from my weekend of no sleep. Consequently, I missed swim practice with the tri club. So, I took advantage of us getting out of work early for the holiday weekend and showed up to the spin room an hour before class started and got an hour in my HR zone 2 in solo style. Then of course class. That’s typical. I love my Thursday evening class because the spin instructor is also a tri club member and a total BA triathlete and we spend the first couple minutes before class starts talking tri. 

Friday- 2200m swim
I headed to the pool in the morning, a bit later than usual, with the intention of doing the full distance of Tuesday’s workout. I did a 300 warm up then did the full three sets of the workout which was a 200-3×100 three times. The first time with no toys, the second time with fins, the third time with fins and paddles. I was super comfortable and the distances felt easy, so I think a few times I need to go to the pool solo and just see how long I can consistently swim for. The last 400m were made up in my cool down with the exception of a single 25m sprint race. Some guy jumped into my lane to share with me right as I was finishing my last set. He asked to race a single length and my super competitive side kicked in and I totally freaking crushed him. It was awesome. 

Saturday- 6 mile run
This was tough. I somehow tweaked my right calf just getting off my couch the day before and had a few tight spots. I did my best to roll and stretch a bunch leading up to Saturday, but I was still creaky and tight the morning of. Even though it was pushing 40F I opted to wear my full length compression running tights. My calves needed the compression love. I had no real mileage goal going into this run other than a minimum of 60 minutes. I headed into town with the intention of winding through the college campus to hit a few of the monster hill. IMCuse has a notoriously horrid hill on the run course that you hit twice thanks to it being a double loop, so I need to start hill training more. The hills killed my overall average pace, but I needed it. By the time I got back to my neighborhood I was zonked. I made it to six miles, probably could have squeezed out one more, but my calves were starting to get a bit tender so I called it. Also, so many people talk about wearing compression for recovery, so I decided to give it a whirl. I pulled my compression tights back on after my shower and wore them under my jeans all day. By the evening my legs were feeling a million percent better. I think I’m in love!

My view on my run. Love it!

Sunday- Spin Class
My usual spin class fun. I don’t usually go on Sunday’s but I ended up there since I couldn’t get my arm pad on my bike back in place, otherwise I would have rode outside since it was 70 and sunny and beautiful. I had no idea Rob fixed it for me after I complained about being unable to get it myself until he mentioned it as I was walking into the spin room. Oh well. 

Total Training:
Swim- 4200 meters (2.61 miles)
Bike- 84.4 miles
Run- 13.83 miles
Total: 7 hours 40 minutes

I’m hoping to start getting up to the double digits in hours here. I need to really start jacking up my build weeks more. Getting out for longer runs and rides will help, if I can ever get myself out there without something impeding me. 

This week will be a challenge. I’m on school schedule for work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so morning workouts those days are out. I also need to shift my rest day to accommodate my race on Sunday. So here’s my tentative-ish training schedule for next week-

M- swim(am)/brick outside(pm)
T- run
W- FLTC group ride or spin (weather dependent)
TH- run
F- swim
S- rest
S- race day! Seneca7!

There it is! Week seven of 70.3 training is on the books. Here’s to hoping I can crank out some good training next week too despite my work schedule shake up. 

6 Replies to “Countdown To IMCuse – Week 7 Recap”

  1. How fun that you got to meet with your Junebug group in Atlantic City – looks like everyone had a great time. Nice week of workouts – aren’t compression tights amazeballs?! On longer distances, sometimes I even run with my compression calf sleeves and swear it helps. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how your relay goes this weekend!

    1. My husband always runs in either compression socks or sleeves. I need to invest in some sleeves so I can wear compression in the summer without having to have my winter gear compression tights on. 40 is definitely their threshold.

  2. Great week, Courtney. I know you do most of your swimming first thing in the morning, but do you do your run/bike sessions in the morning or afternoon? I am always curious about others schedules and how they make the time!

    1. I do swim mostly in the mornings. I mostly run in the mornings too. I almost exclusively bike in the evening on week days, but get out whenever works for me on the weekends. If I could do all my workouts in the morning I’d be a super happy camper, but I also like to sleep, so it’s a fine line to walk, ha!

  3. Nice week! I picked up a pair of compression sleeves a few months ago and I love them. I am going to need to get a second pair since I wear them so often. Plus they are much more comfortable to wear under jeans than full tights.

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