Countdown To IMCuse – Week 8 Recap

Tough week. Mostly because of work. My schedule was a mess and consequently it threw off my workouts all week. But I powered through as best as I could, even though I only did about half as much as I wish I could have gotten in. 

So, my crazy week culminates to-

Monday- 2000m swim (am)/8:1 mile brick(pm)
For Monday I tried something new; working out on my lunch break. I headed to the YMCA on my hour lunch break since it’s less than a mile from my office. I did an endurance pyramid starting at 100 meters and working up to 400m and back down. Plus a short warm up and cool down. I ended up being about five minutes late getting back since I had to shower and pull myself back together afterwards. After work I did a short out and back on Finley then when I got home did a quick shoe change and chugged through a mile run. I was really surprised to pull out a 9:18 mile. I felt like I was running through peanut butter, but I guess that’s what my legs wanted. I know myself well enough to that about a mile or so in my legs will finish shaking out and I’ll settle into a sustainable rhythm. 

Tuesday- FLTC Group Ride (20.48 miles)
This was my first experience doing a group ride. I once again forget to turn on my autopause, so my data is a bit off, but overall I was happy with the experience and like the route enough to ride it solo, including extending it a few more miles down route 4 to grab some extra distance. However, riding through town slows me down a lot in terms of my average pace for the ride as a whole, which I hate. So goes it though. 

Wednesday- Unplanned rest day
I had a 3-4 mile run penciled in, but after I pulled a ten hour work day where I never stopped going the whole time, I was wiped. I got home and sat down and it was game over. Oops. 

Thursday- FLTC “Group Ride” (21.39 miles)
This “group” ride was just me and our Club Head. No one else showed up, so the two of us headed out and did the same route as Tuesday night. I managed to remember to turn my autopause on though, so I didn’t ride a mile with my watch stopped this time around. We took it at an easy pace and chatted most of the way. He’s an ultra-marathoner turned 14x times Ironman finisher and just got his confirmation for the Kona Ironman World Championships for 2015 via Legacy from WTC this past week. Incredible. 

Friday- 1800m swim
I swam again on my lunch break Friday. I needed the sleep in the morning but really needed the swim. I hoped in and basically just swam. I did a couple 100m warm up sprints than just settled in and swam until it was time to go. I’ve consistently swam 1:58/100 the last three or four times I’ve swam, so that seems to be my race pace since I kept it up at a sustainable pace for my whole time in the pool today. I’ll be happy with that pace on race day, although I suspect for sprints I can be a smidge faster. 

Saturday- Planned rest day
Today was my scheduled rest day in anticipation of my relay race on Sunday. We ate a ton of carbs, went to packet pickup and the mandatory pre-race meeting, and just relaxed. It was nice. 

Sunday- Seneca7 Relay Race (77.7/10.92 miles)
Full recap coming later this week. But overall this race was super fun and I totally want to do it again. I am sore today though, yeesh. 

Total Training-
Swim: 3800m (2.36 miles)
Bike: 49.33 miles
Run: 11.91 miles
Total: 6h 23m. Not a lot, but my week was a struggle, so I’ll take it.

This week’s rough training plan, It’s not pretty either since I have two dinners to attend this week that will keep me from getting evening workouts in and it’s going to rain literally every single day this week. DUMB-

M- rest. I wavered on this a lot, but I need to let my sore muscles bounce back
T- swim/spin 
W- run/strength
T- swim/spin
F- swim
S- run
S- spin death (in place of long ride if the rain doesn’t get out)

Did you have an awesome week? Tell me about it!
Who else raced this week? Fill me in!

14 Replies to “Countdown To IMCuse – Week 8 Recap”

  1. I just finished week 8 of ironman training and have about 5 weeks ’til my first half IM. It’s intense, but such a wonderful journey! Don’t skip those rest day though, your muscles need them and so does your mind! Happy Week 9!!

  2. You are doing great Courtney, life gets in the way, but you are managing it. I always try and remind myself that I am not an elite athlete where it’s my job to train, so I just have to manage that the best I can while working, having a family, etc. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Last week was an easy week since it was tapering for my half marathon yesterday, which ended up going really well! Can’t wait for your race report!

  4. I totally get the whole work getting in the way of things. I had two epic long days (13h & 15h) just before I left for Boston. They killed me. I think it took me a couple of days just to recover from that. Add a marathon in there and it’s no wonder my coach gave me the whole week off after Boston! Now it’s back to the build. 7 weeks to go.

  5. Congrats on your race!! I’m doing a relay in September as well and am stoked – fun! My training went well this week – still no swimming but my runs were great and I was able to log some serious time in the saddle! (still stuck inside though – boo). Can’t wait for your race recap!

  6. I just found your blog and am excited to follow you. I am training for my first sprint tri in June..and I say training loosely as ‘life’ seems to have really gotten in the way. Any advice for a first timer???

    1. Life definitely gets in the way sometimes! The great thing about sprints is as long as you have good base fitness and the ability to muscle through all three sports, you can totally cross the finish line. The training you do for a sprint will just enhance your time an placement. My advice would be make sure you’re doing each sport at least twice a week, enjoy a rest day once a week, and don’t stress. Triathlon is seriously fun and you’re going to be hooked after your June race, I promise!

  7. I completely relate to how you feel about riding in town and having it cut into your overall average speed. I try to avoid major traffic areas for this reason (silly, I know). We actually have a TON of roundabouts where I live – seriously, more than I can count – so a lot of my routes will go through those to get me out to the open road. That is great that you are getting more group riding experience. It’s amazing how different it is from riding alone. Both have pros and cons. I didn’t have an awesome week last week, but this week is shaping up to be another best!

  8. I’m a new follower and am loving your blog. I am attempting my first TRI this June and am kind of nervous. I’m also still trying to work out kinks gear wise. Im coming from a run background and love my garmin 210. However…it’s not exactly TRI friendly. What type of watch/timing system do you use for your swim/bike/run activities?

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