Countdown to IMCuse – Week 9 Recap

Another week in the books. Another week of training down and I’m that much closer my first 70.3, which is getting crazy to think about. 

So, let’s tally this ish up and see how I did-

Monday- Rest Day
I was a sore mess from Seneca7 the day before. So I stayed in a bed and filled my day with stretching, foam rolling, and walking the dog. 

Tuesday- Solo Spin
Since I was still a bit tight and sore I headed to the gym and did an hour by myself on a spin bike. Nothing too crazy, all heart rate zone two just to shake my legs out.

Wednesday- 2000m swim/3 mile run
I headed to the pool on my lunch break to get a swim in. About 2000m is all I can seem to fit into the 40 minutes I can actually spend in the water on my hour lunch break, but it’s plenty enough for now. In the evening I headed to the indoor track and did three miles with the tri club. They were doing 1600m intervals. I did the warm up and one interval, then a short cool down. The indoor track kills my calves and shins, but it was either that or the treadmill since it rained nonstop all week. 

And yard work. Did I mention I did yard work this week too? Because I need nice weather in my life. 

Thursday- 2000m swim/2 hour spin
Once again I got in the pool on my lunch break. I was a bit faster today. Wednesday I averaged 2:04/100 and today I averaged my usual 1:58/100, so my body must have finally been feeling back up to par from Sunday. After work I headed to the gym with the intention of doing the hour spin class plus a solo hour. I did about 40 minutes solo zone 2 before class, rocked the class, then did my last 20 minutes afterwards. My legs were happy. 

Friday- Rest Day
Oops. I completely forgot I took a Monday rest day since it’s super unusual for me, otherwise I would have ran since this was the first decent weather we’d seen since Sunday. So goes it. 

Saturday- Negative Split 5k
I intended a long run, but the weather forecast called for rain starting around 9am and I didn’t roll out of bed until about 730. I didn’t want to risk getting caught in the rain, so I headed to the gym with Hubs and ran a negative split 5k on the treadmill. And by noon when it still wasn’t raining I was curing the Weather Channel for lying to me since I really needed to get a long run in. 

Don’t let that smile fool you, that wind destroyed me

Sunday- 22 miles on the bike/spin class
My legs were donezo by the end of spin class. Holy potato. Double saddle time in one day is tough. It was supposed to rain again today, but it held off. I meet up with one of tri club member for a ride this morning. There were supposed to be four or five of us slated for 50 miles, but the wind, oh goodness the wind. I felt like I was working so effing hard like 90% of the ride and barely managed an average speed of 15+ mph. I was happy to be done after only 22 miles because I was kind of terrified the whole time. The wind was whipping me all over the road and I just kept squealing and repeating “stayupstayupstayup pleasedon’tfallover.” I really thought I was going to get blown right into a ditch or guard rail almost the entire ride. So since my long ride turned into a regular distance training ride I headed to spinning in the evening. It was tough since I had for real cycled already that day, but I muscled through and got in two and half hours in the saddle all said and done. 

Total Training-
Swim: 4000m (2.49 miles)
Bike: 106.27 miles
Run: 6.11 miles (oops)
Total: 7 hours 52 minutes

This week coming up I need to run more and accommodate for Mother’s Day and two days on school schedule. So here’s what I’m penciling in-

M- run
T- swim/bike
W- swim/run
T- bike
F- rest
S- brick
S- FLTC swim clinic

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  1. You are seriously amazing, I don’t know how you run, bike and swim and do them all so well. I get excited about nailing a run, but to be good in all three sports is amazing!! Great week of training especially with the bad weather!!

  2. Keep up the awesome work. Negative splits while running are always a good thing. I can completely relate to your feelings about the wind. I ended up on the trainer for a few hours last Saturday to avoid the 20mph winds we were having. Tail winds are great, but is it just me or does it always seem like there is a headwind, no matter what direction you ride? 🙂

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