Creeping Back To Normal

Holla, three day weekend, what up! I’m off work today and feeling good.

My week last week, it went alright.


Monday I went out for a run that I cut short after only a mile thanks to lots of leg pain and tightness. Just a load of crap. I can’t believe I’m still fighting my calves after six months. It’s utterly ridiculous.

Tuesday  I went to spinning, because spinning. The college students came back this weekend. I need to be diligent about calling for a bike now as soon as I can. Odds are I’ll be missing a few classes. Dang kids.

Wednesday I planned to run again, got to the gym, and my ipod was dead. Again. This has been a chronic problem I’ve been having for a few months now. It won’t hold a charge for some reason. So because my legs still weren’t 100%, I bowed out of my workout, went home, and put my ipod on the charger. Except after a day it was still dead. And now after many days, it’s still dead. Alas, it is time. My ipod has officially croaked. But I must say, I was still rocking my 2006 ipod 5th generation classic, 1st generation video 30gb. I showed it to my students the other day and they were confused by the turn wheel. Yup, I’m basically an old person. So as sad as it makes me, I ordered a new touchscreen nano that’s on it’s way to me and should be here Wednesday. So unless I want to use my phone with pandora or my swim shuffle, I’ll be off running until my new one gets here and gets loaded up.

Goodbye old friend. Nine years. Nine long, beautiful, glorious years we’ve been running together. You’ve seen better days and you will be missed.


Sadness. Sad, sad day. Nine years is a long time though. I definitely got my money out of it. I will miss it, but hopefully the ability to download music right on my new one and the built in bluetooth that will allow me to ditch my bluetooth transmitting dongle will make me happy.

Thursday was spinning again. Because spinning, duh, again. Friday I actually worked out a bit with my track kiddos. I joined my shot put throwers in the weight room and did some weight lifting and slinging. Not as much as I would have liked since I was, ya know, supervising and coaching, but I did get enough in to feel it a bit the next day.

Sunday saw the return of my Tri Club’s every other Sunday swim clinic. Last year I missed the first couple where Coach fish focuses on form and came in after it had already shifted to mostly workouts. But since this was the first one for this year, it was all form work and drills, which was good. My form is decent, but it’s not perfect. I could use some tweaking. Coach Fish stayed on the deck to watch our form and correct things, offer advise, etc. I’ve never done a clinic or workout of his where he wasn’t in the water with us, so that was weird to me, but it worked.

Short swim since there was a lot of instruction going on too. But great to finally be in the water again.
Short swim since there was a lot of instruction going on too. But great to finally be in the water again.

Overall, he didn’t give me much feedback since I have a pretty decent stroke length and count as well as pretty good body position and float. Our next clinic is going to focus on what happens under the water which is where I need some help. My catch and pull is not so good.

I”ll have lots to say about the 920XT and it’s swim capabilities soon. But lets say I was beyond delighted and my swimming is about to get a solid kick in the pants thanks to this thing.

This week should be a bit different than usual. I was going to run today, but the whole dead ipod thing is killing me. So right now my plan is to go swim at lunch time lap swim then maybe run a mile or two afterwards if I’m feeling it. Spin Tuesday/Thursday, hopefully running Wednesday if my new toy comes early enough. Then on Sunday our tri club is starting a new bring your own bike and bike trainer spin class that I’m going to try out. So that’s the plan!

What was your best and worst workout this week?

What are you most looking forward to this week?

Who else is enjoying their Monday off? =)

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  1. I’m jealous you are off, I am working today but at least its really quiet in the office! I’m so sorry about your Ipod 🙁 Can you use your phone for music? I still have my first iPod, circa 2005 and it still works, Ashton uses it in his room! My best workout last week was my spin class, worst was Friday on the stair climber, that this NEVER gets easier! I am most looking forward to my birthday on Friday! 🙂

    Enjoy your day off!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Weekly Wrap UpMy Profile

    1. Happy early birthday!

      I ran to school to find my waterproof ipod shuffle and still got my workout in =)

  2. I would love to have today off, but alas, we are in PD meetings today 🙁 Congrats on getting back into a routine! My best workout was my interval run work last Tuesday morning. I was feeling really good and able to complete 13 one minute sprints instead of the scheduled 10 one minute sprints…I think this means I need to go faster next time 😉 My worst workout actually happened this morning…I went to the pool to complete a workout and the pool temp was 86F…WAY TOO HOT FOR LAP SWIMMING!! Enjoy your day off…I’m jealous 😉
    Kecia recently posted…28 weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Yikes! 86F is way hot!

      Great job on the sprint intervals!I love running intervals. Once I get my run sorted out I’ll being lots to try and rebuild my speed again.

  3. Sorry about your ipod! I think it’s funny to think of people being confused by the wheel! That’s the classic ipod right there. I still have my ipod (i got it for Christmas in 2007) with the turn wheel too, and use it every week when I teach class. It’ll be a sad day when it dies.

  4. Yay for swimming! And for a new iPod. I run while watching TV at Planet Fitness, or while listening to Serial which is actually pretty awesome! I don’t even think I own an iPod which is kind of weird to think about!
    Kristen recently posted…Zion Half Training: Week 4My Profile

    1. I used to work out at PF for a year or two. Great place if you just need access to a gym!

      Everyone loves Serial! I might cave and listen to it.

  5. Enjoy your day off and consider me jealous since I had to work. I think that is the same ipod that I have, but I ended up buying a shuffle years ago because I hated taking it running. It was just too big and heavy.

    Best workout: 9 miles on Sunday with a few friends.
    Worst workout: 4 miles on Wednesday where I convinced myself to run “just one more half mile” the entire time. I just was not feeling it.
    Heather@ShoesRun50 recently posted…DPHM Week 7My Profile

    1. I have a shuffle too, but I’m really bad about forgetting where I leave it. I did run to school and scrounge it out of the gym bag I left there on Friday.

    1. I will definitely give a full recap on the new cycling class! I’ve never been to a bring your bike type class and actually don’t even use my trainer all that much. Maybe this will get me to ride my own bike during the winter finally.

  6. Oddly enough my swim workout was my favorite from last week! Looking forward to getting back on the bike this week (even if it’s ugly).

    Loved the day off – though it zapped all of my motivation to do anything work-related
    Jenn Porter recently posted…Sunday Funday & ProgressMy Profile

  7. I love ALL my workouts…and I am partially retired so never work on Mondays (thank God-but I have served my time in public schools-this is my 39th year!) Does that get in your way when swimming? I think it would bother me…

    1. I notice more when I’m not wearing a watch! I love it, doesn’t bother me one bit while swimming.

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