A Day In The Life Of

Friday, I thought you’d never come! What a week!

But really, does that sentiment ever change with me?

And I really do heave a giant sigh of relief every Friday. Not that my life is particularly hard or stressful, but man does everything catch up with me. It’s kind of fun that Friday Five with Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar this week is Five thing in my day/day in my life. I may not chunk it into “five things” per say, but I thought it’d be fun to give a general synopsis of my typical day as a middle school health teacher so you know what warrants that gigantic, decompressing sigh.

My days don’t have a whole lot of variation to them at this point. My alarm goes off at 530am sharp and I drag myself out of bed, often begrudgingly so. I could get up like 15 minutes or so later if really wanted to, but I like having a little wiggle room because some days I just move slower than others.

I’m out the door and headed to work around 630am so I can roll through doors of my building by 7am, although most days I’m there before that. There’s a big clock right across from the doors I enter in so I’m always smacked in the face with the time as soon as I show up. I’d say nine out of ten mornings that time still starts with a six. So early to already be working.

Most days I show up before 7am and already have at lease one kid sitting outside my door waiting for me. I start doing day of prep the second I walk through my door while also listening to kids who come plowing into my room, skipping breakfast to come hang out, tell me things, or swindle me into buying from their many fundraisers. Finally the heard of children disperses around 730 to their first period class and I have a 50 minute planning period before my first teaching period.

I basically live here.

My school has ten periods in the day and I teach periods 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Yes, you read that right. I teach four back to back to back to back classes straight through to end my day. It’s brutally exhausting and a really tough way to end the day. I feel a little bad because my tenth period class definitely gets the short end of my patience, but really, that schedule is tough. It would at least be helpful if any of those four back to back classes included back to back grade levels, but they don’t. It’s sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade, sixth grade. So I’m all freaking over the place. I feel like a general explosion of chaos during transitions in between periods. Especially between 9th and 10th. If any eight grade sex ed stuff is still up when my little sixth graders roll in they totally lose it and can’t focus.

I have planning periods first, third, and fifth with my lunch break during sixth period. I love having a first period planning block. I get all my day of copying and lesson tweaks for the that day done and go into my first teaching period feeling well prepared. I will say though, I never get all my planning periods to myself. This week I lost three of them. I had a post observation meeting with the assistant superintendent Tuesday morning. I had a meeting with my legit superintendent Wednesday during one period. I had a meeting with my principal Thursday during one planning period. We had a faculty meeting this week, I got slammed with a few intense parent emails, grades closed this week, and I’m trying to figure out budget stuff for next year including some extra money that I have from a left over grant from the previous health teacher.

Last period lets out at 230pm and I’m free to go at 3pm, but I rarely leave then. I always have kids in my room during eleventh period, which is just the fancy term for after school time. Because there are always kids in my room I never get anything done during that time. I have to wait until they all scamper to do anything productive. I usually leave some time between 330 and 4pm depending on how much I feel like trying to get done. And that is a significant improvement from the beginning of the year when I never left before 5pm.


I’m usually home by 4 or 430 and will feed and some times walk the dog, then get in my workout, whatever that may be. I workout, shower for the second time in my day, cook and eat dinner, and by then it’s usually about 7 or 730pm. I try to be getting ready for bed, if I can by 9pm. So I get about an hour or two max where I actually sit down on my couch and breathe a sigh of relief. Every now and then I can convince myself to do dishes or something around the house, but usually not. I typically curl up on the couch for about an hour with Griswold, catch up on a show or two, and peak at the internet for the first time all day.

That’s really it most days for me during the week. Weekends consist of spending time with my husband and whatever we’ve got going on, which definitely varies.

Are you pretty routine from day to day or do you do something that is more dynamic?

What’s one thing about your typical day you would change if you could?

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    1. Classes are all 40 minutes with 2 minutes of passing time, which is not enough. I was surprised when I was hired that they had 10 periods, it’s such a weird concept to me to have so many. Your periods must be longer if you only six!

  1. I totally understand the long days and consistent routines…especially teaching middle schoolers. I’m up at 4 am with a workout before school and to school between 6:45 and 7:00 am. We are on 9 period days (10 if you count lunch) with the students starting at 8 am. I teach science (thankfully the same thing over and over) periods 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 and I teach a tutorial (for those students who struggle with a particular concept) during period 3. Lunch falls between periods 4 and 5, so I too have a long day. The students are dismissed at 3:15 pm and then the fun begins…workout #2 followed by dinner, shower #2 (or 3 depending on the day), house chores, dog feeding, dog walking and to bed by 8 pm. With this rigorous schedule, I too look forward to Fridays. I am especially thankful that today we are dismissed from school at 1 pm and I have a whole week off next week to enjoy 🙂
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    1. Sounds about right, haha. You teach lots of back to back periods too, that’s tough! I wish I just taught the same lesson every period. I teach three different lessons twice a day. Enjoy your spring break, you definitely earned it!

  2. I get up between 3:45 and 4:00 every day (sleep in sometimes until 5-5:30 on the weekends as long as it’s cool out!) and then head to work at 6:15. I rarely have energy when I return home around 4:40 as I like to take that time to water my garden, feed my kitties and talk to hubby while making dinner. I do a lot of repetition at work too…see two preschool classes of 16-18 kiddos per day , and present group and individual lessons as a speech pathologist. It’s very exhausting… It’s my 39th year of teaching…and to tell you the truth I am glad that I have only one more year left before full retirement! Maybe THEN I can get in that second workout in the pm!

    1. Holy cow, 39 years is a lot! Congrats to you on so many years of very important work put in. I imagine you will definitely enjoy your retirement after next year.

  3. With being a flight attendant my schedule changes every day. If I could change one thing it would be my hours. Getting up at 4 am. .Yuck! Also working holidays is no fun. I bet you love your schedule mon-fri and no weekend. I could only dream of that.

    1. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of being a flight attendant and went through a brief stint where I thought it would be super cool to be a pilot. I can imagine your schedule is probably crazy. I definitely appreciate always knowing exactly when I’ll be working.

    1. I will get a new schedule next year, so it should help. Thanks for hosting!

  4. You definitely get an early start to the day and have to be “on” for a number of hours. I remember when I was lecturing for 6-8 hours twice a week and that was mentally exhausting. I enjoyed it, but by the end of the day I was spent. Do your days vary in that regard? Although I like routine, because I work from home and have different responsibilities each week, my week is not very routine. I do like to stack a majority of my work on Monday’s, but it doesn’t always work that way. I also schedule my day around the weather and will work more on days when the weather is crappy. The flexibility is nice, but the one thing I would change is the human interaction – I need more of it!!!
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    1. I would love to work from home. My routine really doesn’t vary. I have a set schedule at work in terms of classes that I teach. It gets a bit draining for sure.

  5. Wow that is a tough schedule. I feel for you. The fundraising part made me laugh, though. Oh my I would never have my kids ask their teachers to buy the stuff they have to sell!

    1. It’s mostly school related fundraisers, like student council. They definitely all ask all the teachers. It’s a total competition.

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