Drowning Before Training Has Even Started

Monday again. Always right on time.

My week this week did not go entirely as planned. In fact, it kind of sucked.


I missed my run on Monday. I don’t even recall why. Dead watch maybe? I forget, but I got to the gym then promptly left without doing a workout a few minutes later.

Tuesday I left school as quick as I could and headed right home. I did a quick power workout, a really tough but short one. Then I showered, pulled myself back together and raced back to school for the indoor track awards banquet.

Wednesday I did get my run in. I did 3 miles on the indoor track at HRZ2-ish. I was a bit over zone 2 for my average, but I still think the run was decent and close enough to hopefully garner some results at some point. I did 1 mile at base too for a total run of 4 miles. Calf felt fine during and was a bit tight the next day, but no real pain.

If you follow me on facebook or instagram you probably saw this picture-


For Thursday I brought my bike to school. I put some Ironman coverage up on my whiteboard and did a 40 minute zone 2 spin once I was able to shoo all the kids out of my room after school. The custodian came in and vacuumed around me while I was spinning and everything. I couldn’t justify the extra trip home between school ending and my evening function twice in one week, so I did what I had to do to get something in. Thankfully the kids weren’t too confused since one of the other teachers in my building is a pro triathlete and has her bike set up in her room too.

No workouts on either Friday or Saturday.

Then Sunday happened. Sunday. I was looking forward to the tri club’s swim clinic. Lot of people showed up and while I was hoping to join the workout only lane, there was already five people in it, so I opted to do the lesson instead and figured I could do some extra yardage at the end as Coach Fish was going to offer more workouts at the end of the clinic time. But something terrible happened.

My Garmin died. Not a dead battery. Legit died.

I pushed the lap button after an interval to switch it to the rest screen. Button unresponsive. Press again, harder. Finally laps to rest screen. Freezes. Commence button mashing. Nothing happens. Force power it down. Go to turn it back on, screen come up fuzzy and fried looking for a few seconds, then goes black. Try again. Same thing. Try again. Same thing. Again and again and again.

So my fancy new triathlon watch that is supposed to be waterproof has now gotten water inside of it and died. And of course Garmin customer service is only open business hours, so I have to call today and have them send me a replacement. Then I get to wait an indefinite amount of time for the new one to show up.

Did I mention I registered for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse? And I start training for that today? And I have no watch to train with? Yeah, good times.

I will say though, I plan to borrow Hubby’s 310XT since he’s only using his 620 right now and I’ll be doing my best to get in as much as I can for now. Training goes forward with or without my 920 and hopefully I’ll have a new one in hand by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Best and worst workout last week?

What ways have you squeezed a workout in that was unconventional?

20 Replies to “Drowning Before Training Has Even Started”

  1. Sorry about your watch! I love that you set you bike up at school.

    My best and worst workout this week was by default my 7 miler on Sunday. This is what happens when you only do one workout in a week. Ooops.
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…Final DPHM updateMy Profile

    1. They were awesome when I called and my new one is on it’s way =)

  2. Oh Garmin. I have a love hate relationship with them. Their customer service is horrible in terms of response time if you have a technical issue but, at least with a replacement part / watch they get it out to you quickly.
    I’ve done trainer workouts at work. I work in a photography studio and we have 6 massive studios, all with huge white walls. Perfect for a group spin session, which has happened a few times, ha ha. My best workout this week was my 5km race yesterday. 😀
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…Spring Is Around the Corner!My Profile

    1. I’ve noticed that when I email them about technical stuff I barely ever get it resolved and if I do it’s because I figure it out myself before they get back to me days later. Thankfully calling is easy and they’ve got my new watch on it’s way to me. Congrats on an awesome 5k! I wish I was as fast as you!

    1. My week might be a bit rough, but it’ll be whatever it is I guess. Thanks!

  3. I LOVE that you have the homework assignments up on the board next to your video while riding in the classroom!! This is something I would totally do 🙂 My best workout was probably my FTP test followed by TRX…OUCH, but it felt good when I was done!! My worst workout was running for 90 minutes on the treadmill Saturday morning. I’m so tired of the treadmill and hoping spring shows up really soon!! Unconventional workout…I’m not sure I have one. I’ll have to work on this 🙂
    Kecia recently posted…22 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Ha! Yeah, I leave homework assignments up most of the time, lol.

      Impressed you followed up an FTP with TRX. You’re an animal!

    1. Excited to have you =P

      I’m excited for you NP HM! I am so jealous!

  4. I love the fact that you brought your bike and trainer to work and did a workout in the classroom. What an excellent idea. Maybe the teachers could start an after school training group?

    Good luck getting your Garmin issue resolved. They should absolutely replace it – no questions!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Breaking The Big NewsMy Profile

    1. The other teachers do run together when the weather is nice. I haven’t jumped in on that yet though. Hopefully in the spring if it ever comes!

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