Eat and Train

Such a nice, low key weekend watching sports with my husband. I’m so happy it’s college basketball season. Syracuse!

I did not end up making it to the gym Friday. Rob came home right after work and that was fine by me. By 7pm on a Friday really the last thing I was to do is exercise train.


Weekend are tough for good eating. The structure of my workday helps me stay on track, minus the abundance of Reese’s heart shaped cups in the candy bowl and Cathy’s homemade White Trash (zeeohemgee so good!). But we managed to keep it good Saturday. Sunday was a bit iffy. I need to work a bit more on getting my calories and sodium down so I can start to drop weight. I really would like to be back to my race weight by the time Seneca7’s rolls around in April. 

Since I skipped turning Friday into a training day, husband and I took advantage of the warm front passing through to lace up and head out for an easy run Saturday morning. I have to tell you, I love running with Rob. I love that I have a husband who shares this passion with me. It makes things so much easier and much more fun. 

While the warm weather may have melted the snow some, the ice was still out. It was a bit slow going as we slipped a bit here and there and tried to dodge puddles. But overall I’m so happy we got outside to run.

Yup. Slow, but nice. Not looking to push hard, just get my base built back up and get to training for this upcoming season. We had good timing with the weather too. The rain showed up right after we finished stretching, walking the dog, and getting our giant four foot wreath off the front of the house. 

In other news, shopping for jeans has to be the worst thing that has ever existed. Talk about a blow to the ego. There is nothing that makes a woman more consciously aware of every imperfection of her lower half then shopping for jeans. Someone better just buy me some pants before a shoot myself, because that’s about where I’m at with that.

Who else got outside this weekend?
Favorite brand of jeans? Preferably for bottom heavy gals?

5 Replies to “Eat and Train”

  1. I tried to get outside but I figured 20km on ice covered roads was not going to be wise so I took it inside. Holy painful. But I got it done. I’m not bottom heavy although because my thighs are muscular, my jeans MUST have lycra in them or else they just aren’t comfortable. I wear jeans to work every day so I’ll spend the money on a good pair that will last (it’s my version of a business suit I guess, ha ha). My faves are J Brand & Adriano Goldschmeid (sp).

  2. We had a big winter storm hit us this weekend, thus I was stuck inside on the treadmill. I didn’t mind. My hips make shopping for anything below the waste a difficult task. I primarily wear Else, Lucky, Sevens, and Miss Me. Once I find a perfect pair, I buy two in every color. 🙂

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