Fickle Is As Fickle Does

Busy, busy week. New teacher professional development that goes into the evening Monday night plus open house this week at school. Ack, so much extra time at school. And five week grades are due this week, so I’m pretty swamped trying to catch kids up and stay on top of grading. Egads!

Had some tenderness in my leg after my six mile run over the weekend. I need to remember to go drop off my 30 day renewal for PT so I can get back in there on an as needed basis. My leg always feels so much better after my PT beats up on it for a while. Except for that whole part where my new insurance kicks in my copay is doubling. Yuck.

I’m trying really hard to listen to my body, but I also have races still on my docket for the year, so yeah. Although starting this week I have vowed to get myself back in gym at least one night a week regardless of the weather. And even if I do an hour spin class, I have to lift. I have to strength train. It’s a big contributing factor to not getting injured. Plus I need to work on strengthening a few key muscle groups.

Did I mention Ironman Chattanooga was on Sunday? I’m so sad we ended up not going down. Getting a new teaching job was incredible and I’m very grateful to be teaching again, but it meant choosing between our Disney race or going to Choo and ultimately Disney won. Our family who live in Chattanooga spent the day out spectating and volunteering. They posted so many pictures. I’m so jealous and so sad. My dream of racing Ironman Chattanooga may not happen until 2016 and my heart breaks a little when I think about it.


Did I mention Ironman Chattanooga didn’t sell out for 2015 yet (as I write this at least)? Last year it sold out in 3 minutes of general registration opening. It was the reason I planned to volunteer this year, to guarantee myself a slot. When we didn’t go I figured that was that and I was missing it. I was teaching a seventh grade class at noon when registration opened. But it’s still open. If it had just sold out everything would be so much easier. But that registration page, it taunts me so.

Tracking Cynthia and other’s on Sunday through Augusta and Choo made me yearn to race another long course race. Too bad I’m broke and broken still. Having $500 in unplanned expenses all drop in my lap in one week is a tough pill to swallow. And I just feel like my tri season was stolen from me, having to pull out of my last year for this season. And now IMChoo for 2015 is slipping out of my reach. So now what?

Hello dreams, don’t leave me yet.

Hopefully I can run after school today. My leg was still sore yesterday and I didn’t want to push it. Plus I didn’t get home until after 530pm. And when you’re at work by 7am, that’s a long day.

My brain. It is feeling so fickle.

Yup. That’s all I’ve got. *sighhhhhhhhh*

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  1. September / October usually finds me planning for my NEXT season but until I’m 100%, I’m trying to not even THINK about next year. I’m not going to lie, it’s FREAKING KILLING ME. I want to do another 70.3. Heck I want to do a couple of them next year but I need to take the time to rest & heal up now or else I may risk pissing money out the window and I don’t want to do that! Your Ironman day will come Courtney, I know you’ll find a way.
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…Rest: It’s Part of the ProgramMy Profile

  2. Chin up, girl! I know being injured is tough, and it always seems like life throws one curveball after another. But like The Famous Mudder said above, the race isn’t going anywhere! Take this as an opportunity to come back as your strongest and most motivated self ever. Maybe set a goal for the gym, like doing a pull-up, squatting a certain amount of weight (if your injury allows you to squat), or something along those lines. It will help you feel accomplished!
    Ariana recently posted…Guest Post: 5 Effortless Ways to Cleanse EverydayMy Profile

  3. That’s one of the difficult things about racing is that you have to plan so far in advance for some of the larger, more popular races. Even though I plan on signing up for Ironman Canada, I have yet to do so because it feels like it is SO FAR away. I want to be able to sign up and then jump right into training… but if I do so now I feel like training wouldn’t start for a while (I don’t want to burn out). I think you just have to go with your heart and listen to what your body is telling you. Maybe take this year to heal your body and strengthen areas that giving you problems right now. That way, in 2016 you’ll be strong and ready to tackle the IM. 🙂
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Trail Running At Smith Rock State ParkMy Profile

  4. I know how much you want to run that race! Is there any way you can do it in 2015? If not, you know it will be worth the wait. It’s such a big goal and now you have a bit of extra time to dream about completing it! I have a serious race sign-up problem where I want to do all the races and I’m terrible at controlling my race spending habits. I currently have a lot of races that I’m dreaming about!
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