Finding Your Mojo

Who else is off work today? *raises hand* I really like how many holidays my work gives. 

I’ve been saying I’m going to work on my weekend workout laziness work ethic. So yesterday I got myself to the tri club’s swim clinic. I was nervous and I’ve been avoiding their swim clinics because I swim like crap. 

But I mustered up the nerve and went. And it was good. One of the girls who heads the club watched me swim a couple laps and basically said my stroke looked really good from what she could tell. So I hoped into the lane doing the modified version of the workouts and hung on, pushing myself hard. My lane was doing a shorter distance for all the drills, but that’s what I need right now while I build my endurance. 

I also normally swim in a basically empty pool with a lane to myself. Today I shared a lane with two other people and the ten of us swimming hard together churned the water pretty good. It was a good test for me to free style swim in the churning water with other people clamoring around me. 

Neil Brophy, our swim coach, pointed out a few things for me to work on. I need to put my head down more and quit looking up. And he said I swim too square and need to rotate more. Annnnddd, he totally caught me taking a couple strokes of side stroke to catch my breath mid lap. He told me we need to nix that. Yeahhhh. 

I feel good though. I’m really excited. I pushed my comfort level in the water yesterday and I swam some distances that are difficult for me and afterwards I felt strong. I think if I keep swimming and keep pushing my boundaries in the water I’ll become a solid swimmer. And I don’t doubt I’ll actually have good, quality swims at all my triathlons this season. 

The only downside of spending so much time in the pool though is my poor skin is super dry. Our winter has been way, way colder than usual. Couple that with all the chlorine I’m exposing myself to and I’m a dry, cracking, itchy mess. I might need stock in St. Ives lotion soon at this rate. 

Today I’m off work. My job gives an insane amount of holidays, so I’m taking things in stride. Slept in some and wandered to the gym later than usual. 

I got in an hour on the spin bike followed by a 5k run. And can I just say, I felt really good and strong the whole time. AND I ran a sub-30 minute 5k, which after coming off and hour on the bike is pretty dang good. I haven’t managed a sub-30 5k in a triathlon yet, so now I’m feeling even more confident that I’m going to crush my season this year. 

Between gaining my confidence in the pool and doing some longer workouts and seeing so much needed speed and strength improvements, I think I’m finding my mojo again. And it feels awesome. 

My injuries in the fall left me slow, in pain, and lacking motivation. But now I’m back to my old self in terms of fitness and ahead of where I want to be in terms of speed. It’s truly amazing what one can do if they just put their mind to it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand more times if I have to- 

Anyone can accomplish what they want with dedication and hard work.

Anyone is capable of the greatness they seek for themselves.

Anyone can become a triathlete.

Tri. Inspire yourself.

What do you want to accomplish?
How do you find your inspiration? 

6 Replies to “Finding Your Mojo”

  1. You are awesome!!! I really would like to do a Tri in the future, probably just a sprint, I haven’t done it before because the swim portion TERRIFIES me. I hear how people get hit and kicked all the time! Have you tried coconut oil on your skin, it sounds weird, but it totally works better than most lotions.

    1. You can position yourself towards the back and to he far side of the pack and avoid getting kicked or hit. And a lot of races offer a novice swim wave that goes out last so if you hang towards the back no one will be behind you ever.

      Coconut oil! I’ve heard people say that before but it’s never really occurred to me. A great idea that I will definitely try!

  2. Yay!!!!! It sounds like you’ve been killing your workouts lately! I’m glad you got the courage to go to that clinic. I’m sure it was super scary but it sounds like you learned a lot! You’re going to be awesome this summer!

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