The First Week

Welp, last week didn’t quite go as planned- workout wise that is. The rest of the week was okay. Exhausting, but okay.

Monday of last week was hard.

I’ve been away from Ellie before but never for more than a couple of hours. Nine hours was another story. I definitely teared up leaving in the morning. However, I will say, leaving wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. While I’m away at school all day Ellie gets to stay home with Rob. She is going to grow up spending her days with her daddy. She is an incredibly lucky little girl and she already adores Rob. The bond they’re going to grow by being together all day during the week together is going to be so, so special. Knowing she was at home with Rob, who is an amazing and loving father, made leaving for work a little easier.


Work. School. Teaching. Monday I had a “transition day” where Bing came in and he more or less he taught while I pulled my shit together and missed my baby we co-taught. It really made going in easier too. I was nervous to walk in in the middle of a new quarter with new students and try to see what Bing left for me, where he left off with things, and be completely unprepared. But seeing which lessons he was on helped to ease me back in.

And then by the end of the day Tuesday it felt like I never even left.

But the difference was I was getting up sometime between 3 and 4am, parenting and trying to tire the baby out while getting ready for work. Hoping I could get her to sleep a nice long stretch for Rob once I left for work each morning. Then after being up at 3am I left to work for 8 hours on my feet, dealing with 120 hormone infested middle schoolers each day. Then I would get home, grab the baby from Rob so he could scoot off for work and I parented until Ellie went down for bed each night.

By Friday my body hurt from exhaustion and I was mentally fried.

So we headed to Syracuse and went to see Impractical Jokers live. Then my mom slept with Ellie in one of the guest room and Rob and I got to sleep uninterrupted. Minus Griswold who we finally booted out of our room at 330am. But man, the five hours after that I slept. I slept hard. I wish I slept longer. Some day I’ll get eight straight hours of deep, fabulous sleep again. Some day.

We also went to the auto show and played in all the cars. My brother who sells BMWs let me get into the I8 with it’s crazy bat wing doors. I don’t even have an insurance policy as pricey as that car! But we also did a lot of comparison shopping of three row seat vehicles. Because babies.

Oh. Workouts.


I got in two. And it was only two, but they were both really important.

Monday I got in a run. I only got four hours of broken sleep. I had been up since 3am, parenting on both sides of my exhausting first day back at work in 14 weeks. I was aching, drained, tired, and just wanted to go to bed. But instead I got on my treadmill and logged a 2 mile run. It wasn’t the most impressive run by any means, but it was very important that I worked out that first day. I needed to know that I could do it after a long day of work and parenting on basically no sleep. And I could. I did.

And then the rest of the week I allowed myself to adjust. I worked, I parented, I learned my new normal.

After spending the weekend in Syracuse I did want to get at  least one more workout in and just my luck; the tri club started their every other Sunday coached swim sessions again this week. Yes, I went and got in the pool for the first time since the summer.

My swim endurance needs work, that is for sure. But I did log 1500 yards and our new coach said my form was good. He gave me one adjustment that I made by the end of the practice and he’s going to help me make my kick more efficient, but otherwise he said I look great, which was really good to hear. And I managed to end up with a 1:56/100 pace, so I feel pretty good about the swim all said and done. I need to make sure I’m in the water every week from now one. I need to get my endurance back up and fast. I have an Ironman in roughly seven months.

My base isn’t quite where I was hoping it would be by now, but I’m 13 weeks out from a c-section and frankly I feel like I’m doing pretty well all things considered. I still have time and since this week is February break and I’m off work I’m planning to try and take advantage to crush some workouts.

Crush some workouts and snuggle my baby.

What was your best workout this week?

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  1. She is so adorable and what a lucky girl to be with her Daddy during the day although missing her must be terrible. Hopefully the second week will feel a little better? I had a great interval run this week where things felt smooth!

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