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I’m feeling generous. Nice, right!? 

Have I told you guys how much I love Clif Shotblocks? Because I do. And no worries, Clif is not sponsoring this in any way, shape, or form. 

It’s taken me a long time, as in years to understand how important fueling for a race is. Maybe it’s because I never really ran races longer than 5k for a long time. But as I delve deeper and deeper into endurance racing, I’m realising how important race day nutrition can be. 

I have my “what works for me” down pretty well, for the most part. I eat one or two Luna bars a couple hours pre race and plow through my shotblocks during the race. For triathlons I also keep some sort of sports drink in my water bottles. Up until this point it’s always been G2, but since most races I run use HEED, I plan to make a trip to my local bike shop and pick up a giant tub of it so I can make sure I’m training with what is offered on my race courses. Because you should never, never ever, ever try something new during a race. Don’t do it or be prepared to face the consequences, namely in the form of your digestive system turning against you. It will not be pretty. Practice nutrition during training, find what works for you, then implement that during your race. It’s that simple. 

As I start to put together my winter 70.3 training plan, I realize I need to start reassessing my nutrition plan for my races. While sports drink and a few shotblocks are enough for me on races Olympic distance and under, I’m starting to figure I will need more than that for a 70.3 mile triathlon. Most of the eating involved is done on the bike, and I’ll have to play around with what works for me over the winter. I have my sights set on three hour long spin classes once a week as part of my training, so that’ll be where I start. From what I’ve read on bike nutrition plans for half and full iron distance races, food choices can range anywhere from crackers, candy, and nuts, to full on real food, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And as yummy as a mid bike PB&J sounds, I know I do not function well full. I will be aiming to stick with calorie, carb, and fat dense foods that take up as little stomach space as possible. So probably crackers and nuts. A sloshy, full tummy gives me cramps and makes me feel sluggish. And I know this because I’ve worked out on every possible empty stomach to bursting full stomach situation and all the inbetweens enough times to figure this out. See, important. Eat a sandwich on my bike, feel the wrath on my run. 

When I ran FLT Oly distance, a shotblock in T1, G2 on the bike, and the rest of my shotblock pack on the run, was enough to keep me from feeling too full, but to keep me energized and fresh the whole way. I felt great during my run at FLT and nutrition definitely played a huge roll in that. I felt so great in fact I was less than a minute off my 10K PR from a race I placed 3rd in my age group at. And that was after swimming and biking 26 previous miles. See, race fuel is important. Makes for strong, happy muscles. 

So, give away time! I will send two packages of my favorite flavor Clif Shotblocks to one random commenter. Here’s what to do:

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  • Then comment letting me know what your favorite race nutrition product is. I need some ideas people!

6 Replies to “Free Give Away!”

  1. I’m new to the whole racing aspect and nutrition is not something I’ve started to think about until recently. There are so many different products out there, I guess I just have to try them until I find one that works for me. I’ve heard a lot about salt tablets, I guess those are more meant for longer distances. Great giveaway!

  2. I like to use Shot Bloks and Honey Stinger chews on the bike. I used to use energy gels (clif shot) during the run but they started to not work for me anymore, so now I have been using honey stinger chews as well. My husband likes to use honey stinger waffles on the bike.

  3. For the only half I’ve done I ate Cliff bars and gels. For my first Ironman I used PB & Nutella on the bike. 🙂 For my second one I used a combo of cliff bars and shot bloks. I need real food while riding, I can’t perform on gels alone.

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