Free Goodies and a Garmin Update

Oh my goodness, goodies everywhere! The new things train has yet to stop and I’m all about it. 

Friday, a few things showed up in the mail for me. First thing that I tore open was my new pink shoe laces from Sweat Pink.

How fun! Now my pink shoes can be suped up with pink laces. I’ve never been much of a pink fan, so that fact that all my gear happens to pink is quite impressive. 

The second thing that came was my tri bracelet from Athlete Inspired. I love entering giveaways but I never win and almost passed this one up. On a whim on the last day I entered, and good thing, because I won! So thank you to Swim, Bike, Mom and Athlete Inspired! I’m totally pumped! If there’s one thing I love, it’s bragging about how BA triathlon is, and now I can do that by wearing my tri bracelet. Because being humble about how straight up cool you are is for suckers. 

Griswold is very impressed. Clearly. 

I also ordered the Garmin footpod so I’ll be ready to make the switch to indoor running at some point soon. It is inevitable and coming. Also, I don’t know if I need it for spinning, so I guess I’ll find out this week (if someone could just tell me the answer to this so I don’t have to struggle that’d be great).

And speaking of my Garmin, in one of the reviews I read it said since it sends the information from your workout wirelessly as soon as you’re in range of your computer and ANT+, should the upload fail, it’s a one shot deal. Yup. I had accidentally bumped off my wireless the other morning, so my upload failed. And that was that. So I had to manually type it in, but all the info isn’t there and it’s not laid out or comparable, so that was really frustrating. Especially because I had a good run with great split times despite how much my ankle decided to bleed mid run. However, after getting back from my run this morning, my ANT+ grabbed my Garmin and uploaded not only today’s mediocre 3 mile run, but my 4 miler that failed upload the other day. I was delighted to see both pop up on my Garmin Connect account. Hooray! Obviously Garmin fixed the issue of one shot upload only, so I’m super thrilled about that. Such a shame to lose data like that, so happy it reuploaded and worked. 

My run this morning wasn’t terrible time or pace wise, but I ate too much pizza and drank too much Red Cat last night, and my tummy is gurgling today. Nothing says my body is revolting against a run like a heart rate in zone 4 at a 9 minute mile pace. C’mon body, not cool man.  

See, not terrible, but not super awesome either. You don’t need to see my HR data. Not until I have a stern talking to with my heart rate. 

Also, for all you blog creepers, I added a nifty little “join this site” button over there on the right side bar. Feel free to click it so I can see all of your lovely faces. Come on lurkers, I promise I don’t bite. 

Andplusalso, congrats to my friend Kwith over at 10,000 Baby Steps for finding out she’s having a girl! If you want to be inspired on how to stay fit and active while pregnant, she’s the gal to follow. So awesome. I hope I can be half as BA as she is someday when I start squeezing out babies. In due time though. Ironman first. 

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  1. Funny reading your garmin part as I can’t seem to find my ANT thingy so I can upload my runs from the past few days. I should really just keep it attached to my laptop but obviously I don’t and I refuse to upload manually lmbo. Lazy bug lol. Congrats on winning the bracelet! Super cute!!

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