Free Things and Bucket List Dreams

We’ll start with the mail today. On Friday this box came. 

Probably should have thought to snap the picture before I tore into it.

This has been a long awaited box in the making. About two months ago now I put out a tweet asking for wetsuit suggestions and tagged a few major wetsuit companies in it. The immediate response I received was overwhelming to say the least. But after weeding through replies and retweets and I made contact with someone at They offered to let me do a product review for them and after some back and forth discussions, they sent me this. 

So it looks like I’m going to be sucking up my pride (and sucking in my tummy) and hitting the pool this week. You can expect a full product review of‘s awesome TYR Complete Swim Training Package and a coupon code good through the end of the year or 15% off your purchases from So don’t buy anything you may need just yet 😉

Also, my free shoes from the Swim Bike Sell giveaway I won two weeks-ish ago showed up on Saturday. I’m incredibly picky about running shoes since I’ve battled shin splints on and off for well over a decade. But I was in the market for some new day to day kicks, so I got these.

Saucony ProGride Ride 5. Bonus, they came in our wedding colors! I wore them Sunday night to take Griswold for a walk while I attempted to calibrate my footpod for my Garmin so I can run inside. Griz kept stopping and causing my autopause to kick on, so I’m not too sure how accurate my calibration was, but I guess we’ll see when I run with it for the first time. 

On another note, I went ahead and threw my name into the 2014 Ironman Kona World Triathlon Championship lottery. 

I’m not holding my breath on this, but it would be amazing. Only 100 names are drawn and about 8000 people enter, so it’s not entirely in my favor. I guess We’ll find out April 15h. I did go ahead and add a “bucket list” page up at the top of the site, so if you’re really curious it’s there for your perusal. Feel free to add suggestions too if there’s any awesome races you’ve run that I should consider. 

Now, on to training talk. I took this entire week off. Yup. I did not workout once. I ran the half marathon Sunday and then haven’t done diddly freaking squat since. My race schedule this past year was pretty packed and I’ve been tired (but don’t ask me what I’m planning for next year yet, because you’ll call me crazy when I tell you it’s basically double from this year). A week off was necessary, that’s for sure, but tomorrow it’ back at it. I’ll be slinking off to my first gym session since May and I’m sad to say goodbye to outside running until spring, but it’ll be good for me in terms of motivation to be in the light, climate controlled gym all winter. And then next week I’ll start my 70.3 training. I’ve pretty much got my preliminary training plan worked out. What I intend to follow for these first few easier winter months of training should be about ten hours a week, so not terrible. Spring will bring on the long hours, but that’s for another day far from today. 

For now, I’m all stretched, rested, and ready to gym it up tomorrow. I’ll also be in the pool a few times this week and I’m ready to get back it. 

What is your biggest “bucket list” race?
Ever win an online giveaway? What’d ya get? 

6 Replies to “Free Things and Bucket List Dreams”

  1. Hmmmm… I have two races that I’d love to do 1 day… The Princess Half at Disney World, and the Nike race in San Francisco where you get a Tiffany necklace from a firefighter in a tux at the end… LOL

    I’ve won a couple of giveaways, 😉 the first was 2 A Girl and Her Band hairbands from Train Dirty Fitness, and the second were these awesome Shot Bloks from this hardcore tri girl 😉

  2. This has been the year of winning giveaways for me. I’ve won injinji socks (I’m now a convert) a pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonaras, an allied display medal holder and a couple of other things.
    As for a BIG bucket list race I’d say the Marathon Du Medoc in France.

  3. Awesome free stuff! I’m jealous of the purple shoes! I just recently won Pro Compression socks which is super exciting. I think it’s the only thing I ever won in my entire life! And I’ve got a pretty long bucket list – I want to run a race in all 50 states and there’s a bunch I’m already looking into. I was a history major in college so I’m really interested in running the Hatfield/McCoy half marathon in WV and KY. They split the runners in half randomly and assign you to be either a Hatfield or a McCoy, and the fastest “family” wins bragging rights that year!

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