Friday Chatter

Happy Friday!!! Glorious, beautiful Friday! I’m out of work early today for the long holiday weekend and everything. 

Big exciting news first, go!

Yes indeed, I am officially accepted to the USAT Level 1 Coaching Clinic in Albany on August 15 and 16. So by the end of summer I will be a certified triathlon coach. I’m really pumped about this and I’m already working with two athletes right now. I’m hopeful that I can really branch out into coaching once I have this all solidified.

This week is working it’s way by slowly. I won’t have an opportunity to do a long run or bike this weekend, but I think that’s okay. After the Rat Snake I don’t mind having a less intense week. Plus I have a nice long brick workout planned for Monday since I’m off work and it is going to be freaking beautiful outside.

We do have another race this weekend. We’re doing the BASE Race again, but this year we opted to just do the 5k instead of the 10k like we did last year. The 10k is done out in the rural farm lands of Cooperstown whereas the 5k weaves through down town. And since they changed the weekend to coincide with Hall of Fame weekend at the Baseball Hall of Fame we’d rather be down in the action. 

After that we have a long weekend of stuff going on. I feel like long weekends full of stuff is going to be the name of the game from now on basically until the end of fall. At least I have lots to look forward to!

And don’t forget, you can still enter my giveway to be able to design your own custom tech wick shirt everyday until May 30! 

Who else is racing this weekend?
What fun weekend plans do you have?

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  1. Congrats about the coaching, so exciting! It’s something I have been contemplating lately, for the future! Jealous that you are going to have gorgeous weather where you are this weekend… it’s going to be cloudy here with some rain, until monday (boo!). We are going up to NH tonight, I’ll go for a training ride & run tomorrow and we’ll hike on sunday in the northern woods. Have a great weekend!!

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