Friday Five – Fall!

Happy Friday!!!

It’s my last day at the Council. And I’m only working until noon, then Hubs and I are taking off to stay the night at my grandparent’s in New Jersey before going to the Yankees game tomorrow. Yay!

We spent a lot of time fighting the basement yesterday. We found water on the floor Wednesday evening which spiraled into a witch hunt to find the cause because we’d clean it and it would just spew more out. It took until last night to figure out the water line from the fridge was leaking at the point where it attached to the cold water pipe. And by the time we figured it out we had pulled up like half the floor. And of course the leak spot was behind our pretty new walls. Hubs only had to pull a bit of wall away, and we had to turn off the water to the fridge for now. But Sunday we’ll move the connection point to be not behind the wall and that should solve the issue since we’ll be able to see and reach it to figure out what’s wrong. I’m just glad we figured it out. This basement, I can’t wait for it to be done so we can just enjoy the extra some odd-200 square feet our house is getting.

Between the basement, being pulled between two jobs, my injury, pulling out of races, not being allowed to run, I’m frustrated and sad and exhausted. I feel like I could sleep forever right now and it still wouldn’t be enough. I just need life to settle down and to go for a nice run. I’m not asking for much.

So, to make myself feel better, I’m playing Friday Five today with Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney.


The theme for today is “Five Things I Love About ____”, so obviously I pick Five Things I Love About FALL!!!

Did you know Fall is my absolute favorite season? I may have written a Five Things I Love About Summer post a bit back, but here’s a secret; I don’t really like summer. Well, sort of. I love the sun and doing lots of fun things, and racing, and I will once again love having summer’s off soon. But I HATE the heat and I HATE the humidity. HATE HATE HATE. Ugh. But fall? Fall and I are in love!

1. The Weather- Oh my gosh, I LOVE fall weather. I LOVE when the air is cool and dry and crisp. 50’s and 60’s with dry cool air is fabulous and anyone who disgarees is not my friend. And this leads right into my next favorite thing…

2. The Fashion- I may not be terribly fahsionable, but fall weather leads to wearing boots and hoodies and sweaters. It means Jeans and hoodies, which is my favorite. And my Chewbacca boots!

Chewbecca boots! Sweater! And Griswold was so tiny! And no deck or fence. This picture’s a few years old!

3. The Views- Living in the north means we’re privy to four very distinct seasons. Fall is so pretty up here too. The colors, the leaves, it’s just beautiful! And Griswold’s favorite season is Leaf Season. Dog loves to chase rogue leaves!

321538_708209874789_937568624_n (1)
Did I mention Griswold loves leaf season? He’s much too big for this now!

4. Pumpkin- Oh. My. Gosh. Did you hear, did you hear, Starbucks is releasing the PSL on MONDAY!!! I will admit, I have some mixed feelings on this. It needs to be fall to enjoy pumpkin, but it’s been very fall like here in terms of weather already, which is weird. August is usually our most brutal summer month. So if it stays cold I will definitely indulge in a PSL this week. Ifuckinglovepumpkinspicelatte!

5. School- This is something I’ve missed the last couple of years that I am so pumped to get to experience again! I love those first few days of school when everyone is so excited and trying their best to be their best. Also, school supplies, hello! Best shopping ever! Nothing makes me giddy like new school supplies! And I have a $50 gift card for Staples from my school. Yay!

Happy weekend friends! Enjoy a PSL on Monday for me 😉

What’s your favorite Season? What Do you love most about fall?

Ever done a home reno project? Tell me about it!

26 Replies to “Friday Five – Fall!”

  1. I LOVE PUMPKIN. Seriously I eat it year round. Although it’s far too early for PSL’s. Let me stop wearing white pants first, ha ha. Fall is also my favourite season for the same reasons as you. Although I do love summer as well. As for a home reno project – yes. We ripped down our old house and built a new one, ha ha. It took 3 months from start to finish (AMAZING) and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…Winding DownMy Profile

    1. I cannot be trusted in white pants, way too much of a walking mess! Jealous you built a house! I’d love to do that some day.

    1. Oh man, yes, way too early for Halloween! I can’t believe that missed my list! I love Halloween!

  2. I absolutely love fall as well. While I am not quite ready for it (only because winter comes after fall), it is my favorite season. The cool, crisp days and the color changing of the leaves are what I enjoy the most! I got married in the month of November because I love that time of year so much! It almost seems though, that fall is skipped over so quickly because everyone starts focusing on Christmas way too early! I hope here in NC that we have a great fall. Our summer has been relatively mild (in a great way), but hopefully we will have a beautiful fall.
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Ironman Lake Placid – The RunMy Profile

    1. I really wanted a fall wedding but husband got his wish on that front with the June wedding, lol. I do hate how early the holiday stuff comes out. I try really hard to enjoy just one at a time.

    1. This summer was fast! And because we had unseasonably cold weather all summer it has felt very short too. I’m definitely not ready for my fall races, yikes!

    1. Football!!! Yes, I am excited for football! I love all the fall holidays too. Thanksgiving and Halloween rock! I feel bad I left all those things off! This list could have been much larger

    1. I’m still hoping for a few more weeks of summer too! It was so short thanks to our brutal winter that I feel a little cheated out of summer so far this year.

    1. I will always miss summer, but loving fall makes the transition easier at least!

    1. I’m impressed you get fall in South Texas! I would have guessed your seasons would be mostly all summer-like, haha.

  3. I love fall weather too! Except right now it’s 86 and more humid than all get-out. I’m looking forward to some cool dry days. And pumpkin anything is good in my book! Love the hoodies & boots too!
    jan recently posted…Remind.comMy Profile

    1. Humidity, yuck! Crossing my fingers you get dry weather sooner rather than later =)

    1. I’ve had those boots for a few years now. I live in them all fall and winter. Yay holidays! I can’t wait!

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