Friday Five – Favorite Fall Activities

Work is kicking my butt. I have seventh graders doing a coloring project tomorrow and the few eighth graders who won’t be on the field trip will be watching a movie. Sixth graders will be full of energy, as per usual. But mostly, Mrs. Fields needs a quiet Friday from all the kiddos. I chaperoned the Welcome Back Dance Wednesday night and I was up way past my bedtime. But I had fun. The kids tried to teach me some dance moves, namely the wobble. I will make sure next time I chaperone I don’t wear my work dress but instead throw on some jean and sneakers so I can bust some bad dance moves with the kids. I wish I could recommend seeing a middle school dance from an adult perspective to everyone. It’s pretty hilarious and entertaining, but two hours is definitely plenty of time for that!

I’m in need of a little light heartedness and fall goodness in my life right now. I’m tired, sore, and it’s too warm to be fall here in NY right now. Sweaters and boots weather please. So to help myself here I’m playing along with Cynthia, Courtney, and Mar for their Friday Five! And this week’s theme is exactly what I needed- favorite fall activities!


I love fall, that I have made clear. It’s absolutely my favorite season and I love it to pieces.

One of my most favorite-est not a word things to do in the fall is of course pumpkin picking! Ever since we moved to Geneva in September four year ago we’ve gone to the same pumpkin patch about 15 minutes from us. They have a small livestock petting zoo thing, an in the ground giant trampoline, and a huge corn maze. And, of course, pumpkins.


pumpkins 016
Some throw back photos from college. How many of you knew I rocked dreadlocks for four years? Because I totally did.

Also, dressing Griswold up in a silly costume always ranks high on my list. He’s been a shark, a dinosaur and a knight in shining armor so far and he has hated every costume ever.



Halloween, duh. You can’t NOT love Halloween. That is a fact. It’s an amazing holiday and now that I’m beyond trick or treating or even big party nights, I enjoy staying home with husband handing out candy, then turning off all the lights and trying to pretend to not be home when we run out. The joys of living on a “rich” street; we get pummeled with trick or treaters!

halloween 003
More college. My life is clearly not as exciting anymore. But seriously, how’s THAT for a Halloween costume!?

And to branch of Halloween, watching Hocus Pocus is definitely ranked top five on my must do fall activities list. Cult classic that I have loved since it first came out. This movie is the epitome of fall and Halloween. Plus it’s totally awesome and fabulous.

I don’t know if the last one is really an activity per say, but I love the weather so much that just enjoying being outside is most definitely top five for me. Whether it’s raking leaves, hiking, enjoying the changing leaves, or running in the perfectly cool, crisp air, I just cannot get enough of fall weather. And I wish these 70 degree days would shoo so I could enjoy me some sweater and boot weather before the snow starts to fly.

Yay fall! I just want chili, hot chocolate, to wrap up in a hoodie and get the fireplace going. I love the smell of the radiators when they first turn on after summer is over. I just adore fall!

Also, fall race season is in full swing! So head over to and buy up any fall running and racing needs you may have for 20% off using code TRIGC14!

Anything awesome I left off my list?

Best Halloween costume (you, your kids, or your pets)?

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