Friday Five – Holiday Traditions

It’s been a little quiet around here lately. I’ve just been having that kind of a week.

It’s the last week of school and after today I am  d-o-n-e for two whole weeks. Well, I have a few track practices and a meet the second week of break, but that’s okay. This week has been difficult. The kids have slowly unraveled as the week dwindled and it was pretty hard to keep them on task and engaged, but alas, I have survived. And now I am very much looking forward to having a good amount of time off. My five day break for Thanksgiving was so amazing and very much needed and this I know is also needed and buy am I looking forward to it. Just have to get through tomorrow’s track meet then it’s on to sleeping in, working out, and lounging around home!


With work being done for a couple of weeks and the holiday season heavily upon us, it seemed like a good day to play a little Friday Five with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney. Today they went with the theme Holiday Traditions, which is a fun one!

One of my all time favorite holiday traditions is one from my childhood. On Christmas morning my brother and I would wake up my parents early and open our stockings while they made coffee. Then we’d all sit on the floor together and my dad would hand out gifts one at a time and we’d take turns opening everything. There’s no real reason to this being one of my favorites, but it was such a consistent thing that we did my whole life that that’s just how I think Christmas morning is supposed to work and that’s what makes it feel so Christmas-y and special. It was a really nice way for us to just enjoy the morning together as a family.

Another thing we did as kids was to drive around and look at all the lights. We’d drive slowly through our neighborhoods after dark and see all the house that were super lit up and decorated. It was an easy thing to do that was fun and got us all in the holiday spirit.

Now that I’m a married old lady, Rob and I have sort of developed our own traditions. Since we moved to Geneva we’ve started having our own little Christmas. We go out in the dark and the snow to pick out a tree together, then bring it home and get it all decorated while watching Christmas Vacation and having some adult beverages.

Griswold comes with us every year to help pick out the best tree!
Griswold comes with us every year to help pick out the best tree!

And we do the same sit on the floor and take turns opening presents thing. I like that one of my favorite childhood traditions has made it’s way into my marriage and what will continue to be a tradition for us.

After we finish our own present opening, we jump in the care and head to Syracuse where we spend some time with Rob’s parents. Then we head to my parents for even more presents, followed by dinner with bot sets of parents. It’s really quite nice!

I’m really excited for the holidays this year. I have one or two more little things to grab for Husbandface and then I have a metric crapload of wrapping to do, but otherwise I’m ready!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Are you done shopping? How about wrapping?

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  1. I’ve done pretty much no shopping or wrapping – we’re taking a trip leaving on Christmas Day, and that’s pretty much our present to each other. We don’t really give Christmas gifts in my family and my DH is taking care of his side. Makes it so much easier, though I’ve felt a bit out of the mainstream of folks rushing to get things done.
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