Friday Five – Race Memories

After all the hubbub over my leg yesterday, I decided playing Friday Five was a good use of my head space today. I need to not think about how much pain I’m in and what this means for me, so instead, I’m down for talking about five of my favorite races.


1. Seneca7 Relay This was my first relay race and man was it fun! It was a good test of my physical and mental strength, running in shifts and having my legs cramp up from sitting in a mini van in between legs. But we had a rocking good time and it was a perfect first race for my season. We’re hoping to run it again next year with a bunch of our friends.


2. The Rat Snake– What a crazy ass race this was. Seriously, this race is beyond ridiculous, but it was fantastic. It was unique, challenging, and a real test of my ability to persevere. It’s also the first time I’ve ever dismounted my bike to walk a hill. I truly believe everyone should go ahead and stick this race on the ol’ bucket list. It’s worth checking off!


3. Mini Mussel 2013- This is not only a hometown race for me with transition only being about two miles from my house, but husband and I raced this one together. It was his first triathlon and we opted to swim the novice wave so we’d start together. We stuck together the entire race and crossed the finish line hand in hand. It was so incredible and really made me swell with pride to get to be there with him when he accomplished finishing his first triathlon.


4. Iron Girl 2012 My first triathlon. I can’t really put into words what this race means to me. It’s the race that got me hooked on triathlon and made me realize that I can accomplish anything I want with enough drive, determination, grit, and hard work. This race will always be near and dear to my heart. I still wear the IG insignia necklace Hubs got me after I finished this race. It reminds me everyday of where I started and how far I’ve come.


5. Ironman 70.3 Syracuse– The most incredible race accomplishment I have to date. This is my crowning jewel of my race finishes and I still get overwhelmed thinking about that day and how great of a race I had. Despite struggling some on the run, I still had a really awesome, crushed my time goal, and finished strong and smiling. The course is so very not first timer friendly, but I still went out and had a banging awesome race and I will never not be proud of this one. And I actually look forward to doing another 70.3 because it really just was a perfect test of my physical, mental, and emotional capabilities. And that is what I love about triathlon.




Oh so many great memories. And so many more to come.

On a not racing note, MRI is this morning. Cross your fingers they can figure out what’s causing my pain and it’s something easily and quickly treatable. I was barely able to stand for much of yesterday and I just don’t want to be in anymore pain. I just want to run. Sigh. Take me back to Ironman please!

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  1. What a great list of races! It’s true that the first triathlon means so much because of all the extra work. That’s amazing your hubs bought you a necklace. I did my first one with my best friend and it was the greatest feeling in the world.
    Ursula recently posted…What’s next?My Profile

  2. Congrats on your Ironman! I hope to do one some day. I need to start biking and swimming I suppose:)

  3. You are such a nicer wife than I am. Mr. Shoe is running his first half marathon in about a month. And he’ll be running it by himself, so I can try for a PR.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your calf isn’t seriously injured!
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