Friday Five – What’s New

Yay Friday! I love that I have basically decided to take every Friday from now until my new job starts off from work. Perpetual four day work week for the win! And I posted all five weekdays this week. You should be so proud of me.


Today I decided to link up with Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney again for Friday Five. This week’s theme is What’s New, which is fun. So then, what is new with? Obviously I’ve been blathering on about my racing streak and triathlon and running and swimming and all that stuff nonstop for a while now. So what else is going on in my life?

New Job! I’ve mentioned this quite a bit, but my last day at the Council is officially August 22, granted I will definitely not be working every workday between now and then. Then I have new teacher orientation on the 25th and 26th, then school starts the 28th with students rolling in on Sepember 3rd. Have I mentioned how beyond excited I am to get back into the classroom? Because I totally am.

New Skills! Hubby and I are working to finish our currently unfinished basement. We’re adding an extra bedroom/living room and a laundry room/half bathroom. And we’re doing all the work just the two of us. I helped with some of the framing and lots of drywalling. And as soon as I’m done typing this up I’m going to help mud and sand those new walls. Some of the things we’re doing, like flooring, I already know how to do. Other things like framing, walls, and electric are new to me. But I love learning these skills and doing the work with my husband.

New Friends! I got to meet and train with another Tri-Fecta friend this week! My tri club and fellow Tri-Fecta buddy Beth and I met up with someone from the group who was in town visiting family for an open water swim. It was super crummy weather with rain and thunder, but we squeezed in a short one in between storms and had a nice time. OWS is always a good confidence booster for me.

Beth, myself, and Jen after an OWS in Seneca Lake

New Clothes! Guys, I went shopping last week and bought clothes that aren’t made of lycra! And I bought shoes that aren’t running shoes! It was basically a miracle. I bought a few new pieces for teaching. But honestly, I don’t remember the last time I bought clothes that weren’t workout or race related. Not even lying a little bit. And if I wasn’t broke I’d go buy more. I do enjoy shopping!

New Recipes! Since my new job will no longer allow for me to come home on my lunch breaks I’m going to have to start packing a lunch. I bought myself a cute new insulated lunchbox the other week and I’m planning to once again start meal prepping and bulk cooking on Sunday’s like I was good about for a while. I’ll cook a few things in bulk that I can pack throughout the week for myself and maybe I’ll even share a few recipes. I’m decent in the kitchen, I just lack creativity. If I was more committed I could definitely be a half way decent cooking whiz, so maybe this will be the kick in the pants I need to be more cooking-centric.

So that’s kind of my life right now. Not too exciting, but definitely enough to keep me busy!

Tell me the most exciting new thing in your life right now!

Weekend plans, go!

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    1. Agreed! I’d just rather spend my money on running shoes that I like than work clothes that I need.

    1. I am wearing a pair of the shoes today! I might post some school outfit photos, that would be fun!

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