FTP, HRZ2, And Living In The Tundra

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone who gets President’s Day off here in the lovely US is enjoying their day. Sleeping in is the best and I will take full advantage of it this week.


My week was low key in terms of workouts. I’m not sure if my checked out mentality bled over or what, but I just didn’t get the work in this week.

Tuesday was my first workout. I did a FTP test on the bike trainer to get a power baseline for myself. I’ll come back to this, but let’s say I have a lot feeling on this and should probably spend some time with my bike. And lose some weight. But mostly spend time on my bike.

Wednesday I RAN! Yes, I am super pumped about this. It was my first run in 16 days and I was dying to get it in. I was determined to keep it slow and easy, but I just wanted to run. So I did three miles in my zone 2 heart rate zone. Endurance zone, yessss. Except holy boring. It required me to walk quite a few times. I set an alert on my watch to let me know when I went over the top end of my HRZ2 and I did a mix of slow shuffle running and occasional walking when I went over. It took me just over 39 minutes to complete those three miles. Then I did a mile at base pace, which is always slower for me on the indoor track. I’m not sure why, I just really struggle on the indoor track. But it’s easier to manage my heart rate there then on the treadmill.

Post FTP test. Pooped.
Post FTP test. Pooped.


I plan to stick with the HRZ2 training for my runs twice a week at this point. I really want to see the benefits from it. And it will force me to keep things slow and easy while I ease back into running with my calf still not being perfect. Thankfully I had no pain during the run. I noticed my calf a few times, but never any pain. I had some on and off tenderness for a day or two after, but still no real pain. Nothing stretching and pulling on my calf sleeve didn’t alleviate. And that was my only run last week; just feeling it back out but starting today I’m going to start twice a week running and hopefully in a week or two bump up to three times a week. Fingers crossed.

By Thursday I was just plain exhausted and hoping with all my might for a cold day off school on Friday. I think the mental exhaustion had shifted to physical exhaustion and it took everything in me to just get on the trainer. I did 45 minutes in HRZ2 before calling it. Yup. And that was it for me for the week.

I did, in my defense, try to go my tri club’s swim clinic yesterday and promptly got my car stuck in the bottom of my driveway. After I failed at getting myself unstuck I then had to go get Hubs out of bed and have him help me get my car out. That was super fun when it’s only -25F outside. I showered him with thanks in the form of homemade waffles. Wife of the year right here.

So that was my week. Today will be a run/swim “brick”; the quotations are because it requires me to gym hop. But whatever. I need to get some hard workouts in today. I will have a full post on power later this week, so be on the look out for that.

Best and worst workout of the week, go!

What was the weather by you this past weekend? Are you also stuck in the tundra hell?

12 Replies to “FTP, HRZ2, And Living In The Tundra”

  1. Best and worst workout this week were the same, a 2 mile run/walk/death march carrying a 50 lb ruck sack around an outdoor track. I think I would rather run 10 miles on a track than do that again! Ouch.

  2. I need to do another FTP test, but am hoping for late next week…I’m hoping for improvements, but we’ll see. As for best workout this week, it was definitely some interval work on the bike…it was hard, but so rewarding 🙂 https://pushmylimits.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/my-faveworkout-week-13/

    We are stuck in a cold rut (with below 0F windchill temps for highs), but are not getting the snow that the NE is getting…I guess it is give and take. I am hoping spring gets here soon. I’m ready for some warmer weather, sunshine and outdoor #bikelove 😉
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    1. Yes, I want to bike outside badly. But I guess I can be thankful that the cold weather will force me to do more power based workouts, so hopefully I’ll be nice and strong once I do get outside. Yay for intervals! Thanks for link!

    1. Jealous you can ride and run outside! Good luck getting back on track. I’ll be joining you =)

  3. 26 mile mountain bike ride with a bunch of cattle lowing in the hills….(in 70 degrees!) – Best

    Having to walk my run earlier in the week as the kids at school gave me their “yuck”- worst

    1. Oh man, you guys have had it way worse than us down here in NY! Hope you’re starting to dig out finally.

      Hopefully I’ll have some info on HR zone training at some point. I’m having a hard time committing right now because it’s so slow!

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