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Since I worked out all of zero times last week, I’m going to go ahead and skip my usual Monday update today. But I am cleared to do some stuff, so I will get back in as much of a groove as I can this week.

Instead, I’m really excited to spill loads of awesomeness that was my USA Triathlon clinic this weekend!


It was Friday and Saturday, so I opted to spend Friday at my parents house to spare myself an hour of the early morning drive. But 4am is never not shocking to get up at. And after a quick shower and making myself some coffee I was on the road to Albany just a few minutes after 430am. Long drive, boring drive, in the dark, to a city I’ve actually never been too, even though I’ve skirted around it a few times.

I was to the Hilton by a little after 7am and the clinic ran from 730 to 5pm both days. Can you imagine what happens when you cram 40 endurance athletes into a tiny room for 20 hours and try to make them sit? Lots of fidgeting, many, many snack breaks, and generally lots of racing talk. What a fabulous group! We had made a facebook group in advance and there were planned outings Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. I didn’t go out at all since I spent Friday with Crystal. I haven’t seen her since my wedding, so it was awesome to get to go out for dinner and drinks, then have some girl time. It’s so nice to have the kind of friends who you don’t see for over a year, but when you do get together, you pick back up right where you left off. True friendship right there.

USAT goodies

In terms of what was covered, wow did I learn so much! It was so awesome! Friday we covered cycling skills, triathlon specific strength training, and running economy, efficiency and form. Then after lunch we went over sports psychology and mental skills, and swimming skills and technique. Plus there were three planned snack breaks. Two in the morning and one after lunch, because everyone in the room is totally used to eating nonstop due to the amount of training they do. Thankfully all the snack were healthy; fresh fruit, parfaits, trail mix, stuff like that.


Saturday we covered the business side of coaching, exercise physiology, and sports nutrition. Then after lunch all we did was periodized planning and training plan building. The the woman running the clinic went over the certification process with us.  Basically it involves a lengthy exam and obtaining certain numbers of CEU’s every year. Pretty basic and what I’d expect. I’m slowly chewing my way through the exam. I should have it done today at some point. Then in a week or two or I’ll know for sure about my certification. And that’s that!

I’ll be adding some plan options and prices to my Triathlon Coaching page up at the top there. I’ve been coaching one woman through her first season this year and I must say, she’s been crushing all her races. And I’m super excited to employ some of my new ideas I’ve got swirling through my head for next year!

And just because it’s been a while, in case you still need anything for the rest of the season or for your fall races, head over to and use code TRIGC14 to get 15% off your order! Because I love you all =)

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  1. Good luck on your exam! I’m pretty sure you’re going to crush it 🙂
    The Famous Mudder recently posted…Week 22 RecapMy Profile

  2. Woohoo! Good luck with your exam!!!
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…Iron Girl Canada Race RecapMy Profile

  3. That is definitely the sign of a good friendship! I love catching up with old friends. Sounds like your weekend was really educational and helpful. I can’t imagine a room with that many endurance athletes but it would be so fun to be around that many people who share you passion
    Ursula recently posted…Homemade Spicy Pickled BeansMy Profile

  4. So cool Courtney! You’ll make a good coach. Best of luck on the exam.

  5. Yay good luck on the exam! I know you’re going to crush it! If I ever do a tri, I’ll have to hire you to coach me now 🙂
    Kristen recently posted…Sometimes You Just Really Need…My Profile

  6. That sounds awesome, how cool that you got so much out of it and you’re inspired to take things to the next level!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! recently posted…BODYARMOR Sports Drink ReviewMy Profile

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  8. Wow very nice and thorough class but does sound like a lot of information. YIKES!! You are gonna rock the exam. My friend did a triathlon last year and it was so inspiring but I still didn’t work up the nerve to train for one myself but maybe ONE day. #wowlinkup
    Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club recently posted…Back Exercises You Can Do at HomeMy Profile

  9. Good luck on the exam! Lots to learn I bet 🙂
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Do you Metronome? Should you?My Profile

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck on your exam! #wowlinkup
    Amanda H recently posted…Nike Clearance Sale FindsMy Profile

  11. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Good luck on your exam! #wowlinkup
    Heather recently posted…5 Things I Love About Half MarathonsMy Profile

  12. Sounds like a fun event! Too funny about the endurance athletes being crammed into a room and needing their snacks 🙂 Thanks for sharing #wowlinkup
    Catherine | Fit Armadillo recently posted…Throwback Thursday: Classroom RulesMy Profile

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