Give Away Results-You Wanted Hip Pain, Right?

So first things first here, my give away. I used to make sure it was as unbiased as possible.

So commenter number four was Nicole from Legally Fit! Congrats lady, contact me with your address and I’ll get your Clif Shotblocks in the mail this week!

In other news, I have an appointment with a hip specialist on Thursday. I started noticing a nagging pain over my right outer femur head area, whatever you might choose to call that, about two months ago. I only noticed it post spinning or cycling. So when I took three weeks off from both spinning and riding after FLT I thought whatever it was would have cleared up. Nope. It’s angry, so off to the sports medicine doctor I go. I’m almost 100% certain it’s bursitis and I’m hoping they’ll give me some strength and stretching exercises to do for a few weeks that’ll hopefully clear it up. Otherwise, bring on the corticosteroid shots baby, cause I have an Ironman to train for. I plan to start my training plan in November, so I need this to go away, pronto. 

Perhaps a new bike may help too. Tri bikes are designed to take pressure off your hips and lower back. Although this may just be an excuse to buy the fancy new bike I’ve decided I want. We’ll see.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get my race recap from this weekend’s 5K run up, but until then, everyone say yay Nicole! I hope you like Strawberry!

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