Go Home Garmin, You’re Drunk

This is going to start off as a post filled with complaining. 

Garmin, you are a jerk. I made the stupid decision to take Griswold on a walk when I calibrated my footpod, which was my first mistake. It was off by 14%, seriously. The range should be 1-2% to account for inaccuracy with either satellites or the treadmill. 

The second mistake I made was one that is proving to become an ongoing battle. When I first went out to calibrate it, I screwed up the sequence of button pushing and it caused my Garmin to freeze. I did a soft reset and started over, did the whole calibration thing, then thought it was kind of weird that my data didn’t transfer, but I didn’t think much of it. Yesterday I got back from the gym and that workout failed to transfer too. A bit of reading suggested a hard reset, so I tried that. However, I should have read for more than two second though before I reset it. In my attempts to recalibrate my footpod again last night, I continued to struggle. I finally got it after a few failed attempts and went in to upload. Failed again. Downloaded the plugin and went ahead and uploaded that way. 

And here’s where things get a bit hairy. All my workouts from the last two days that had taken place after the hard reset, which wipes all your activity history from the watch, uploaded too. And the culprit, the corrupt activity causing the grief is there, on my computer screen, starring me down and pointing out my inability to understand technology. I cannot find it in the watch to delete it, which according the Garmin forums would solve my dilemma, but it’s on my computer, laughing at me, taunting me. So a call to Garmin is going to need to happen at some point this week to get this resolved. Otherwise I may develop a nervous tick about my very new and very expensive watch not cooperating. 

I’m glad I thought to grab goggles after I snapped this

On the flip side, I had a wonderful swim this morning. And I swim like garbage, so take a screen cap of that because you won’t catch me saying it often. Once I got my breathing figured out my swim team training sort of kicked back in and I was able to move through the water semi effortlessly. I need, need, need to keep working on this though. I need to work on bilateral breathing and get stronger so I can swim continuously for long stretches  I was doing 50 yards at a time this morning and I need to build this up significantly. But I’m just happy I got in the pool and managed some decent laps doing freestyle, i.e. not loser swimming. I do wish I had thought to hit my lap button though, which I didn;t think about until roughly half way through my workout. So I have no idea how much distance I covered, but I’d guess about 1000-1500 yards. 

I will say though, my muscles are supremely confused. My shoulders, back, and arms are already kind of sore, so obviously those muscles have been sleeping since September. Or since I did swim team in eighth grade and I’ve lied about my swimming abilities and cannot explain my ability to complete the swim leg of all my triathlons. Whichever you prefer. But having been a freestyle scoring heat swimmer on said single season of swim team (say that five times fast!), my stroke was at least pretty. And that’s what counts right, pretty strokes? Right? Right. 

Also, here’s the code I mentioned I’d be providing. All3sports.com is giving 15% off purchases with the code TRIGC15 through the end of the year, so make sure you either spoil yourself or start Christmas shopping!

Who else uses a Garmin? Which do you use? Ever have an issue with it?
Tell me about the last time you swam. Any good drills I should know about?

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  1. Hi Courtney! I just discovered your blog and I’m really enjoying it. Love reading about your tri journey! My husband uses a Garmin (the Forerunner 410), and he says if he had to do it over again, he wouldn’t have bought it. The bezel is not at all user-friendly, and it seems like he’s spent more time on the phone with Garmin trying to troubleshoot problems than actually using the darn thing. The folks at Garmin are always super nice and helpful, but it’s still frustrating.

    Swimming is actually my strongest leg, and I try to get in three swims a week. I alternate between just straight laps (averaging anywhere from a mile to two miles) and drills. Last night was just a drill night: my favorites are fingertip drag, catch-up, frog, tombstone, corkscrew, one-arm freestyle, sprints, pull-buoy, and vertical kick. Depending on my energy level and what I think I need to work on, I may do all, or just pick a few. If you’re interested, I found a great swim blog–http://mastersswimworkoutsbysaramclarty.blogspot.com/. She publishes two workouts a week. They’re intense, and the swims are long, but she’s got some great drills to help fine-tune your stroke and build your endurance.

    Thanks for a great blog! I always look forward to your updates!


    1. Awesome, thank you!

      I have the 310XT and this is my first hiccup with it. Otherwise it’s been perfect. I just need to call and see if they can help me. Otherwise I’ll have to use the driver plugin manual upload, which isn’t a huge deal I guess.

      Thank you for the link to drills! I will definitely start pulling some of those to work on. Clearly swimming is my worst leg, so this will be amazingly helpful to me!

  2. I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a new 900xt, but until then I have been using MapMyRun for outside runs/rides. It obviously does nothing for my swims or when I’m on the trainer. Excited to get some numbers that will help with my overall training AND to finally nail down this heart rate thing.
    I’m in the same boat as Sarah when it comes to swimming being my strongest discipline – I usually don’t follow a specific plan when in the pool, rather I make up my own alternating between distance and speed work. Great suggestion on the swim blog – def going to check it out!

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