Half Baked… Baby

I may have missed my recap last week. Despite being on summer break we’ve been staying pretty busy.

Last week I was still in pain from hurting my ankle.  I had a difficult time doing much, but I did get to the gym a couple of times for some weight lifting. I wasn’t comfortable doing any cardio, obviously no running and I wasn’t sure how spinning would feel so I just played the “avoid all the things” game. But it was super nice to get my lift on again.

Oh look, a dumb bell.

Also part of last week was going down to Musselman to hang out. I spent most of the day there Saturday cheering on my club member friends and other tri buddies as they raced. It definitely made me feel a bit sad that I couldn’t be out there racing with everyone. I wanted to watch the half iron on Sunday too, but I had a bridal shower to go to in Syracuse and we ended up getting home pretty late after hanging out all day.

This last week was also kind of light on workouts. I finally made it back to pool for the first time since, oh, I don’t know, April…? Yeah, I suck.

Tuesday I got in and just made sure I wasn’t going to drown. I’ve never swum with a big ol’ sticky outty belly full of baby throwing off my balance. I’m happy to report I did not drown and I actually quite enjoyed it. I did a 1000 yard of 50’s and 100’s and just tried to focus. My rotation is pretty off since my abdominal muscles are currently otherwise occupied. But I had less drag than I anticipated and while my endurance has definitely taken a hit, I felt pretty good. I was bit slower than normal. I see no 1:4-/100’s in my future at this point, which is where I was starting to hit right before, and even still right after, getting pregnant. But that’s okay. My pace was still sub-2:00/100, so I was happy enough. And, ya know, not drowning.

Ellie in the belly went swimming!

So I went back to the pool Thursday and did another 1000 yards and did better this time. I did a few 50’s to warm up then did 4×50 with my pull and paddles. After that I ditched my toys and did 5×100 with negative splits. I hit 2:01, 1:58, 1:56, 1:55, and 1:53 respectively. Not my faster, but a hell of a lot better than I expected, so I was pretty happy with that.

This weekend we also did our baby registries. Yeahhhh, that was exhausting. Doing a wedding registry was wayyyyyy easier. I know towels, and dishes, and cutting board, vacuums, whatever else. But I don’t know anything about babies or what things they do or don’t need. I don’t know what half the things are for or what they do. It’s just very overwhelming. We spent way too much time walking around Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby with a scanner gun for our own good. I was wiped out afterwards. I wish I had on my Garmin for it so I knew how much we walked. It had to be miles. Miles and miles of walking around baby things.

Can you spot the lurking, begging Griswold?

Half way there baby! Just (hopefully) 20 more weeks (at the most, pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee) until you’re here!

This week is going to be a bit different. I’m planning to swim Monday and Wednesday then hit spinning on Tuesday. On Thursday we have our anatomy scan in Syracuse and will be there all day. Then Friday I fly out super early to Chicago for the Junebugs 2nd Annual Gathering of the Hags! SO EXCITED!

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    1. I tend to be a lifting slacker once the weather gets nice. I figure building up my baby carrying muscles now is a good idea!

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