HDBD – 19 Weeks

Oof, nineteen weeks. Sooooo close to that halfway point.


Baby size- Mango!

My size- Blehhhhhhhhh. I’m uncomfortable. My roundness is not comfortable. I went about thee or four weeks without gaining any weight but that changed this past week. Oops. Sorry body. My busted ankle really put a damper on my eating and working out.

My mood- I’m so off and on. I’m definitely more snappy and fly off the handle a lot faster these days. I feel like a bipolar mess most days. I can’t keep an emotion for more than a few hours. It’s very draining.

Rings- On, yay! I put them on last week when it was rainy and 60F and I had no swelling. Both rings went on easily. They’ve gotten tight since, but the heat and humidity is back up. I suspect I’ll have them back off soon, but I’m delighted to be wearing them right now.

Symptoms- My body, it hates me. I still have sciatica, I’ve had the worst acne of my entire life basically since I found out I was pregnant, and now I’m hot all the time. Oh and the newest fun thing to crop up; dead arms. I can’t sleep on my sides because whichever side I’m on that arm and hand fall asleep and I wake up in pain. So right now I’m sleeping almost exclusively on my back, which is kind of a no no, but it’s the only way I’m comfortable. But I’m going to outgrow back sleeping soon and then I’m going to be royally screwed. So that’s really fun.

Griswold and I are both hot and uncomfortable!

Food cravings- Meh, they’re off and on and fleeting. I had a grilled cheese craving yesterday, which was delicious.

Food aversions- Nothing really. I’m going to try a new recipe today that will hopefully help get me over my chicken breast aversion. Fingers crossed.

Exercise- Back in the pool! I’m finally swimming again and I’m so happy. My rotation in the water sucks, but I didn’t slow down as much as I expected, so I’m happy. And the spin room air conditioning is fixed, so I’m planning to go to the Thursday class.

What I’m missing- Running. Definitely running. And riding my bike. And racing. We went down to the park to watch Musselman this weekend and I was so sad not to be out racing with all my friends and club member buddies.

What I’m loving- Swimming! And the way my husband talks about baby. And little itty bitty baby feet kicking me.

I meant real swimming in the YMCA’s pool, but this is nice too.

Next appointment- A week from Thursday for our anatomy scan.


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    1. Time is going fast and slow all at once, it’s weird! Our summer weather has been very off and on, thankfully. I keep hearing I should feel better soon. Hopefully.

        1. Doing better! Only a bit of swelling still left but it feels fine most of the time. It’s still weak so I’m trying to work on that, but at least I can walk fine. I’m hopeful after another week or so I can go out for an easy run again.

  1. The summer months have definitely been a struggle. I am always hot. I even cranked up the A/C in the car one morning when my husband was ice cold… that never happens. I am always the cold one.

    I know exactly what you mean about the bipolar emotional rollercoaster. I felt that way through a majority of my pregnancy. It’s normal (in a weird way).

    Yay for being back in the pool. My rotation is definitely a little off, especially now that my size is overwhelming. It will be interesting to see how you adjust as you grow bigger. Keep it up!
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    1. Oh man, yes, I need a/c in my life. Our house doesn’t have it and it makes me very cranky, more so this summer than ever. Good to know I’m not the only one who’s mood changes a dozen times a day.

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