HDBD Week 10

Happy Wednesday! Little Blueberry and I are still plugging right along together.


Baby size- Strawberry! Or kumquat. Or date. Whatever your fruit preference is.

Rings- Comfortably on.

Symptoms- Lots of round ligament pain. My nausea is very off and on at this point. I’m still tired a lot, but I’m definitely starting to feel more human again. I am still super bloated. The ultrasound tech on Monday was actually able to see my gas and water retention in my ultrasound and made a point to show me where it was on the screen. Yup.

My blump (bloat bump) Hopefully Baby actually shows soon.

Food cravings- I was able to satiate my cravings for Mexican food by convincing Rob to go out for some over the weekend. Right now I really want fried chicken.

Food aversions- Not too much right now. I’m starting to slowly warm up to veggies again, but mostly just raw ones. I’m still totally skeeved out by raw chicken, but I think that’s really about it right now. I’m less interested in sweets lately too.

Exercise- A bit here and there. I did run Monday even though Monday was a bad day for me in terms of nausea. And I’ll be hitting the gym tonight hopefully.

New picture of baby Blueberry =)

Next appointment- Friday May 29th. Going in for an NT scan and another round of blood work.

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    1. I’m happy I am back to eating green veggies at least! I missed them.

    1. I tolerate them being tight in hot weather normally because as soon as I get in some a/c it goes away. But it seems most women take their rings off at some point in their pregnancy. Knowing how easily my bloat and swelling kicks in I assume I’ll be in that boat at some point.

  1. You look great!! I laughed at your ring update, I had to stop wearing my rings at 7 months, I just couldn’t comfortably take them off and I got worried they would get stuck! Aren’t ultrasound pics the best? We did a 3D scan about 2 months before Ash was born, it was INCREDIBLE and worth every penny, we got to see his face in such detail and he came out looking exactly the same, the technology they have today is amazing!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…Thoughts while at the gymMy Profile

    1. Yes, I love ultrasounds! My OB office has multiple on site since they double as a fertility clinic, so we get one every time we go. We got some 3D’s and you can already see Baby’s facial features starting to form. It’s so crazy!

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