HDBD Week 11

Happy Wednesday! I’m another week further along and we’re that much closer to baby. Albeit still quite far away, but it’s fun to tick off the weeks. Hopefully they keep rolling by quickly.


Baby size- Baby is now the size of a lime! Or a fig. Or a brussell sprout. I’m sticking with lime.

Rings- On. The heat is making me swell though, so they’re definitely tight right now.

Symptoms- Mostly just bloated. So very bloated. One of our TA’s at school actually touched my bloaty belly Monday, I kid you not. I’m also broken out like crazy and still having days with constant nausea, but thankfully those days are dwindling some.

My body- It is a changin’! I’m carrying my weight totally differently than usual and I’m so awkward and unsure how to dress myself most days. I wake up looking somewhat normal most days, then by mid afternoon I look twice as pregnant as I really am. My hips have also started to widen out too. None of my shorts currently fit over them, so it looks like I’ll be shopping, which sounds terrible. I just had to buy new jeans this weekend and had to go up a size to accommodate my growing hips.

Food cravings- Does everything count? I’m very susceptible to suggested cravings. Aside from fruit smoothies which I have been loooooving, most of my cravings are not terribly healthy.


Food aversions- Raw chicken, still. Or like, any chicken where I can see the meat. Fried chicken? Totally fine. Grilled chicken breast? Vomit. And as someone who does not eat pork or read meat it seems as though my meat intake during pregnancy is going to drastically decrease.

Exercise- Getting about two or three days a week in right now. I’m still hoping to bring that up to four to five. Hopefully I’ll be cleared to start running again this week. That ban hammer came down on Friday and has been very much so hurting my feelings.

Next appointment- Today. Not as excited for this one. It’s our genetic testing screen that got bumped forward a whole week.

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