HDBD Week 12

Hello Wednesday! You crept right up on me given I was off on Monday. I’m all mixed up on what day it is. But I’ll take it. One day closer to another weekend and another week ticked off towards summer.

We were dog sitting Brutus for my parents and he wanted in on the picture too.

Baby size- Plum!

Rings- On, but I’m swollen right now. It’s probably more from the weather than pregnancy.

Symptoms- I seem to have developed sciatic nerve pain directly above my right butt cheek. I was getting just a pinch for a second or two from getting up or sudden movements, but as of yesterday it seems to have become a permanent pain. My ass cheek hurts. This might be life for the next six months.

Food cravings- Nothing particular, believe it or not. I’m always weak to suggestive cravings though and the grocery store has become a danger zone for me. It’s impossible for me to shop without a few randoms ending up in my cart.

Food aversions- Still not jiving with chicken. This might just be a issue for the next six months. Whatever.

How am I so round already!? Ab muscles, you failed me!

Exercise- I’m all cleared to run again, but it’s hot as blazes out, so I’m planning to hole up in the gym this week whenever I can. I’m planning to get over there this afternoon. I got some new workout capris in the next size up because sadly mine are a bit too tight now.

Next appointment- Currently Friday, but I called to complain about them not cancelling it after they said they would. The receptionist put in for a nurse to review my file and see if I can wait until June 8th which would be my next four week appointment. I’m really hoping they can nix my one for Friday. Five appointments in four weeks is just excessive. I have no desire to make that five appointments in six weeks. Nope.

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    1. Aww, thanks!

      By the way, the book you sent me came in the mail. I totally teared up reading it. Thank you so much! You are seriously the sweetest person ever <3

    1. Is there anything you can do for it? It’s a new experience for me and it totally sucks.

  1. Don’t mess around with that pain…I had that with my first pregnancy – each step felt like someone was stabbing me in the butt with a knife. I could barely walk by the time my son was born. I had to do PT to get it resolved. I had it with my daughter’s pregnancy as well, but did PT during my pregnancy and it did the trick.
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    1. Eek, that sounds awful! I will bring it up at my next appointment and see what they suggest. Thanks!

    1. We have to kind of drag him in, but once he’s sitting he’s happy. We’re hoping he’ll be nice and protective with baby. Thanks =)

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