HDBD Week 13

Yay Wednesday! Another baby bump update day. I’m still kind of struggling. Pregnancy is hard y’all.

13w1 (1)
Ohhhwee, I am getting a little tummy on me.

Baby size- A small peach, or a kiwi, or a jalapeno. Take your pick. I’m going with peach because I’ve been eating them like a fiend lately.

My size- Blehhhhhhhh. I’m having a hard time dealing with gaining weight and the changes my body is undergoing. None of my clothes fit and I struggle to dress myself both for work and for life at home and out in the world. I kind of knew it would be a difficult thing for me to handle, but it’s hitting me pretty hard lately.

Rings- On, yet surprisingly tight given the weather lately. It’s been pretty cold and rainy. I guess I should be more consideration of my water intake. I’ve very sensitive to salt and sodium, so time to up my liquids game.

Symptoms- Exhaustion. Oh the exhaustion. I feel like I got hit by a truck most days. I’ve also been rocking the same headache migraine (fuuuuuuh) for three days now and am at a loss for how to help myself at this point. And I’m rounding out. I’m so rotund, it’s a little crazy. I don’t know if I can survive 15 more days without the kids thinking I’m becoming a beached whale. I should probably suck it up and just tell them.


Food cravings- Pretty much just comfort foods. Mac and cheese, pizza, bad things like that. But still fruit. All the fruit.

Food aversions- Raw chicken, still. I don’t mind some cooked chicken, but even like a grilled chicken breast where the meat is like right in my face is just bleck.

Exercise- Uhhhhhh, struggling. I’m trying. It’s so hard when you feel like complete garbage. I had a week or two where I was starting to feel better, but I’m going right back downhill. I’m still hitting two days a week at least, which I’ve been really consistent with. I’d like to do more.

Next appointment- Today! We go this evening for what I believe is just a follow up to our appointment with perinatologist. We’re also very anxiously waiting for our Harmony test results, both for the sake of knowing everything is okay with Blueberry and because it’ll tell us the sex of Baby since it looks at chromosomes. We should know before the end of the week!  We got our results back. We tested negative for every chromosomal disorder they tested for. And we do know the sex of little Blueberry now, which I will share at some point =)

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  1. Yeah for an awesome appointment! Get a bella band, if you don’t have one…a good way to help your clothes fit in the inbetween time (regular clothes, vs maternity).

    1. I really should get some sort of belly band. I just bounce between jeans that still fit, yoga pants, and maternity pants at this point

    1. Hahahahaha, eat away my friend! I eat like that not pregnant too, so not much has really changed.

  2. I think weeks 12-14 were a few of the roughest for me… and then the second trimester bliss kicked in. Hang in there Courtney! You look great. I completely understand that awkward in between stage where normal clothes start becoming snug and maternity clothes still don’t make sense. If the weather is nice where you are, perhaps maxi skirts might be a good option? I love my maxis.

    I hope your doctor appointment went well.
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    1. Yeah, I need to start wearing my skirts more. I a few with stretchy waist bands that fit fine. I’m hoping that second tri bliss kicks in soon!

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