HDBD Week 14

Yay Wednesday! I am half way through another week, both school and pregnancy. Ticking off those days and weeks. I’m so ready for summer. I’m ready to plop my pregnant self down and not move for two months. I’m starting to look noticeably pregnant. Bets on whether or not I break down and tell the kids before the year ends? Because I’m just not sure I can hide this bulging belly of mine for two more weeks. I broke and told them yesterday. One of my favorite students told me she was in a slap bet with another student over it since a few kids are still circulating the rumor about me. She was so cute and sincere in her asking I just couldn’t lie to her.

Baby size- Lemon, peach, clementine, beet. Take your pick. We went with lemon.

My size- ROUND. I no longer wake up with my usual flat stomach. I wake up looking as pregnant as I am and by bed time I look about six months pregnant. I haven’t put on any additional weight in a few weeks and I caved and weighed myself at one point over the weekend and was a pound down from my last doctors appointment. Granted I weighed myself in the morning while naked and they got me at 4pm fully clothed and having eaten all day. Semantics. My body is changing every day at this point, but thankfully my weight has plateaued for now.

Rings- On and okay at this point. They’re tight for sure and I expect that to continue throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, but hopefully I can wear them right up to the end.

Symptoms- My head, holy hell. I get a headache every single day. Every day. It’s driving me bonkers. I’m exhausted still and my lower abdomen has all sorts of feels going on in it. I’m having a bit of spotting too lately. I ma or may nto go in for that if it doesn’t stop today. My triage nurse told me they could get me in Friday if I need to since I couldn’t do today. My sciatic nerve still hurts too. So that’s fun.

Food cravings- Not much at the moment. And when I do get them they seem to be fleeting. My pregnancy brain seems to be kicking in and I tend to forget about whatever food item was on my mind after a few minutes, which is fine. I do eat nonstop at this point because I am always hungry, but at least I’m back to eating like my normal self all the time, minus the extra calories throughout the day.

Food aversions- Still just chicken. I cannot stand the idea of a chicken breast, cooked or raw. Fried is fine because it is hidden under delicious breading, but seeing the actual meat gives me the heebie jeebies right now.

Exercise- Running yay! Also, once school is over I plan to hit the pool regularly. Be it in the mornings or at lunch time, I don’t care. I’m just dying to swim again.

Next appointment- Thursday July 2. Yay for being low risk again and finally being on a four week schedule. Only took us 14 weeks, sheesh. *unless I go in Friday, because my uterus thinks it’s special*

And now, of course, for those who don’t know yet, our big gender reveal! Thanks to our high risk label for a hot minute there we got some advanced genetic testing done where they looked at all the chromosomes. Because they could see them they were able see what the sex was with like 99.9% accuracy.


It’s a GIRL!!! Eleanor “Ellie”Anna Fields is due December 8, 2015 and we couldn’t be happier =)

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