HDBD Week 15

Wednesday yay! My week is close to being half over and then there will only be two days left of real school. I just need to survive today which will be my most difficult day since I’m taking my kids outside with the beer goggles. Should be quite the experiment. Fingers crossed I don’t implode before 2:30 today.

Griswold is clearly excited to be a big brother

In other news, it’s Hump Day Bump Day and I am 15 weeks 3 days today. And boy do I look pregnant. How the hell am I showing so much already!? It’s unreal.

Baby size- Little girl is the size of a pear this week!

My size- So round. Holy crap. I look way too pregnant for my own good. I used our home doppler the other day and she is hanging out pretty high, so maybe that’s why. I think I’m just going to turn into a giant round monster.

Rings- On. A little tight some days, but still wearable for sure. The weather has more to do with their fit than anything at this point.


Symptoms- My days are hit or miss. I’m much more tired now than I ever was in first tri. Some days my whole body just feels like it was hit by truck and other days I’m fine. Monday I was on the verge of tears at school because I was so tired and miserable feeling. I’m starting to learn that I am really bad at being pregnant.

Food cravings- Nothing new. Comfort food and fruit.

Food aversions- Still just chicken.

Exercise- Mehhhhhhh, maybe this week. Hopefully.

Next appointment- July 2. I never ended up going in the other week, so this appointment still stands.

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  1. so funny I had the same disgust for raw chicken all throughout. Hang in there summer is coming!

    1. It is crazy. I wake up and never know what to expect. You’re getting closer! Baby will be here for you before you know it =)

  2. Stop with the “too pregnant” stuff…you are pregnant. You are a house right now for a growing and thriving human being! It’s magic! You will get your body back…yes you will. But right now…it’s hers. Be kind to yourself!
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