HDBD Week 16

AHHHH!!!! Wednesday! Where did you come from!? I totally missed my usual Monday post. I’ve been soooo busy at school. Today is the last day with kids and then tomorrow is my last day. Then summer break! I cannot wait to be on summer break. Such a long time coming.


Baby size- Avocado! I looooove avocados and have had cravings for Mexican food nonstop so far my whole pregnancy. So excited for little avocado. I am 16 weeks and 3 days and feeling good for the most part.

My size- ROUND. I still feel like I’m too big for how far along I am, but people are assuring me I’m not, so I guess it’s whatever. I’m not going to get any smaller, so there’s that.

Rings- Well, currently off. Boo hoo. We redid our whole landscaping over the weekend and it was so hot and humid. I swelled sooooo badly. I managed to pry my engagement ring off with cold water and soap but my wedding ring would not come off and after 24 hours of yanking on it I caved and tried the dental floss trick. It took me a few tries, but it did finally come off. I’ve got a $9 costume set from WalMart on right now with mine on my necklace, but right now my fingers are fine, so I might put them back on. I get sad with them off and maybe even more sad with the fake rings on? I love my rings. If I can wear them again I want to. My fingers are looking mostly normal again.

I forgot to change out the week on my mirror. Oops. That should say 16 weeks.

Symptoms- Heartburn mostly now a days. And apparently swelling. Also, I can feel some itty bitty movements! I wasn’t sure if that’s what I was feeling at first since everyone says it feels like flutters. I think it feels like someone is flicking my insides. However you describe it though I am definitely feeling tiny little feet jabbing me sporadically over the course of the day now. It’s wonderful!

Food cravings- Nothing new. Mexican food, pizza, and fruit.

Food aversions- Still just chicken. I got some pasta dish over the weekend that came with grilled chicken on it and promptly picked it off. It just gave me the heebie jeebies.

Exercise- After a two week hiatus I’m finally getting back into it. I’m hoping with school ending I’ll get back into a regular routine.

Next appointment- Thursday July 2 for a regular OB check. Nothing too exciting.

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    1. Yay summer! Thanks! It’s weird having to get used to a new body every day.

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