HDBD Week 17

Wednesday! Hump day bump day! Yay!

I’m 17 weeks and 3 days and just cruising right along. I mentioned we bought a crib and dresser over the weekend. We went out to Buy Buy Baby an there was a bedroom set we both really liked and it was marked down 20%, so we were intrigued. We hemmed and hawed over it for a bit and found a small cosmetic crack on the back side of the crib headboard. By taking the floor model the manager gave us an additional 20% off on the crib. Plus I’m a company designated shopper thanks to my beautiful mom, so we got another 20% off our total purchase too. If you’re following the math that comes out to 40% off the dresser and 60% off the crib! We could not pass it up, so now Ellie has bedroom furniture. We’re just missing a glider *hinthint, winkwink, if anyone wants to buy us that*

Fun fact, this bedroom set design is called “The Finley” which also happens to be my bike’s name. I really enjoy the irony.

Baby size- Navel orange or onion. Or a large order of fries. Because that’s a fun mental image.

My size- Seems about the same. Still round. I’m actually down a couple of pounds, which is good given that I put on too much during the few weeks I was super nauseous and pounding white carbs while not working out. My gain has slowed significantly. Throw in getting back to regular workouts and eating a bit cleaner and my body is responding nicely. Hopefully my doctors are okay with my weight this week.

Rings- I’ve got my engagement ring on, but not my wedding ring. That one is still strung around my neck. My engagement ring is fitting fine though, so I’m happy to have that one at least.


Symptoms- Not too much. I’m starting to get little aches and pangs more often than often. I do some grunting and groaning sometimes when I move positions. Still getting heartburn pretty frequently. Still feeling itty bitty movements here and there too, but nothing strong or consistent yet.

Food cravings- Nothing new. And nothing too strong or crazy.

Food aversions- Chicken breast.

Exercise- Yes please! Running and spinning so far this week and feeling great!

Next appointment- Tomorrow! Just an OB check so it’ll be pee in a cup, weight, blood pressure, doppler, questions. Should be a quick in and out.

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