HDBD Week 18

Wednesday yay! I’m getting closer and closer to the official half way point in this pregnancy, although if little girl comes early I may already be there. Only time will tell.

We’ve slowed down on our work in the nursery. I’d like to get it painted soon, but I’m also not entirely as motivated as I need to be to do so. At least we have time. December feels like it is forever away still.


Baby size- Sweet potato!

My size- Bulging forward. Little girl must be stretching out her legs right into my belly button because I am sticking straight out this week.

Rings- Currently both off, but this entirely weather related. I pulled my ring off Monday morning knowing it was going to be a very hot and humid week. It came off easily, but I’d rather not have it squeeze my finger to death while I suffer through the heat

Symptoms- Mostly just growing pain. I’m starting to feel more consistent movements too. A mix of little flutters and hard kicks.


Food cravings- I’ve been craving cheese fries for about a week now, so I finally caved and made myself some. I figured by baking my own fries and controlling my cheese coverage I’d spare myself some calories over going to Denny’s and getting some. They were delicious.

Food aversions- Nothing really beyond chicken breast.

Exercise- Since I can’t run at the moment, I’m trying to make sure I’m still moving. I did go to the gym and lift on Monday and plan to try and get there again today to throw around some more iron. Hurry up and get here maternity swim suit!

Next appointment- We have our anatomy scan on Thursday the 23rd and I can’t wait to see little girl again!

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    1. Yes, almost half way! I wish it fly by a little faster. It’s feeling awfully slow to me.

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