HDBD Week 20

Over the hump, yeehaw! I am officially 20 weeks and 3 days along. Assuming little girl comes on time we’re over half way there. I love being on the down side of this pregnancy and am getting very excited to just have baby here instead of progressively turning into a bowling ball. But you can’t have one without the other I guess.


Baby size- Banana! She’s about 10″ long and weight in around 11oz!

My size- After going about four weeks without gaining any weight my body suddenly gained a few pounds over the last seven or eight days. Some times I feel like I’m bigger than I should be for how far along I am, but I know I’m not. I am getting super round.

My mood- Most days I’m pretty good. I have random days where I just get all the feelings for absolutely no reason and just cry or pout all day long. The unexplained mystery of pregnancy hormones I guess.

Rings- On. A bit tight most of the time. I’ll probably pry them off in the next week or so for good. I’m putting it off though because it makes me sad.


Symptoms- My newest, super duper fun symptom; braxton hicks. I get them a couple of times a day. I’ve been noticing it for about a week or two but wasn’t entirely sure that’s what I was feeling. But now that my uterus is at belly button height and big enough to take up my whole lower abdomen I can say with certainty that it’s what I’m feeling. So yeah, I’ve got that going for me now. On the plus side, she just does not stop moving! I feel flutters, flops, and swift kicks all day long. Obviously she’s having a good old time in there. Hopefully she won’t cause me too much pain once she gets stronger and her kicks get more impressive.

Food cravings- Mehhhh, not much. I get a fleeting craving here and there. I can tell you I’m not craving anything healthy, but I’m eating my fruits and veggies anyways.

Food aversions- Not much. I think I have sort of kicked my chicken aversion. Not entirely, but I’m doing a bit better getting some in.

Exercise- Trying. Doing my best to get in as many days of working out as I can. Of course the pool is closed today, my other planned swim day for the week. It’s tough when the universe conspires against you so.

What I’m missing- My energy and ability to workout as much as I used to. My motivation too. Wholly crap, pregnancy lazies are hitting me hard. I just want to spend all my time curled up doing nothing.

What I’m loving- Strangers asking me when I’m due. It means I’m finally out of the fat or pregnant stage and looking legit pregnant to the world. Makes me feel a bit better.

Next appointment- TOMORROW!!! We have what our doctors call “The Big Appointment” which is our anatomy scan. We’ll get to have an hour plus long ultrasound where we look over little girl from head to toes and make sure she is healthy and on track. We had three early ultrasounds all only two weeks apart and I got used to seeing her. It’s been nine weeks since our last ultrasound and I’m dying to see little squish again!