HDBD Week 21

This week is brought to you by my amazing husband! While I was off playing in Chicago over the weekend he painted and tidied up the nursery, as well as installed a new ceiling fan and surprised me with it when I came home.



We have a couple other pictures that we can hang up. And we’ll buy and put in curtains if we ever once we get new windows. The swings and table topper chair will go elsewhere at some point and we need to get a glider ordered and a changing pad for the top of the dresser. But otherwise it’s mostly done. Seriously, I have the best husband.

Baby size- A burrito. Because the fruit options for this week were no fun.

My size- Aside my usual round, I’m starting to experience swelling. I’ve had a bit in my fingers up to now, but I’m starting to get it in my wrists, ankles, and feet now too. So now I’m round and puffy.

My mood- I was good, still coming down off my Chicago buzz. Then I had a random, pregnancy induced meltdown last night complete with sobs and tears. Pregnancy is so fun.

Rings- On, but tight. They need to come off, probably this week. I just don’t want to!


Symptoms- Heartburn, swelling, discomfort in general. I’m starting to get really uncomfortable at night and nothing really helps. Not extra pillows, or my body pillow, or anything. I’m just becoming a giant ball of discomfort. I also struggle to regulate my body temperature and being that it’s like 90+ degrees out, this is extra awful right now. Oh, and I’m getting a stretch mark on my belly. And not on the underside like a normal person. It’s right next to my belly button that is slowly engulfing itself and will definitely become an outie at some point. It’s almost totally flat with only a little hole left in the middle.

Food cravings- Currently, mint chocolate chip ice cream and carbonated grapefruit juicesodastuff because it’s so hot outside and that sounds so amazing.


Food aversions- Not much at the moment, which is nice. I still have no desire to eat most chicken, but I’m slowly moving on from that.

Exercise- Spinning, swimming, and walking. We should be getting a treadmill soon, so I’ll probably just settle for walk-run intervals from here on out as “running” once that shows up.

What I’m missing- Running. I did miss drinking a little this past weekend since I couldn’t indulge with my friends, but there were a few  of us there who were pregnant, so I had some solidarity. And I saved a ton of money by not drinking. Go figure.

What I’m loving- Feeling baby kicks. She’s getting strong! I feel her move pretty regularly now.

Next appointment- Wednesday, August 19th for an OB check and growth scan.

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  1. I’ve been seriously craving mint chip ice cream too! Except, you know, not pregnant, just a serious sweet tooth. If you haven’t tried the Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato you NEED to! It is just amazing! I promise you will not be disappointed. And if you are, I will come over and eat the leftovers so you don’t have to. I’m a nice friend like that 🙂
    Heather recently posted…Grand Rapids Marathon – 12 weeks to go!My Profile

    1. No need to eat my left overs, I LOVE Talenti! That was what I was going to buy when I finally cave.

    1. I will have to check that out! I’ve hesitated to pull the trigger on a pregnancy specific pillow due to limited bed space, but I might cave at some point if I continue to sleep poorly.

  2. Your nursery looks SO cute!!! I love the color scheme you have going on and the built in shelves. We’ve been working on our nursery too and I continue to make little changes here and there. So fun. Sorry you haven’t felt very good and can’t get comfortable sleeping. I am right there with you. Sometimes I find that I get better sleep when I take a nap during the day. All preparation for when baby is here, I suppose. Enjoy your next OB appointment.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Week 32; A Hiking Adventure, Forgetting the Memory, and Baby Shower BlissMy Profile

    1. Oh man, I wish napping helped. When I nap I’m out cold for a good 2-3 hours then sleep like crap at night. And you’re getting so close, holy cow!

    1. Thank you! My husband has done all the nursery work, haha. And I’m just happy to still be active regardless of effort or distance.

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