HDBD Week 22

This week’s update is brought to you by my diaphragm, which has because a snuggle spot for little girl. She likes to hang out in my lung space when she sleeps. And I spend the entirety of her nap times gulping down air like I just ran a sprint or something.


Baby size– Ellie was a whole 13oz at our last appointment. This week, at 22 weeks and 3 days, she is the size of a papaya! I showed one to my husband at Wegmans the other day and he was pretty sure that baby could not be that big for real. Oh, but she is. She most definitely is.

My size- I lost a pound..? I have no freaking control over my body anymore. I give up. Imma just do me, you’re on your own body.

My mood- Ehhhh, kind of crabby and terse lately. I’m quite uncomfortable and it’s making me cranky.

Rings- My engagement ring is off and around my necklace. My wedding ring, which is a bit smaller, is still firmly planted on my finger. I should probably work that off at some point.

Symptoms- EVERYTHING. Not really. I’m feeling a bit like a train wreck lately though. Whoever said you start to feel normal and human again in second trimester is a dirty liar. And considering everyone says the third is the worst, I’m dreading it. Dreading it hard. I could sleep around the clock right now and only wake to eat and pee and be totally content with life like that until little girl gets here.

Food cravings- Fleeting yet weird cravings. Anything from milkshakes to mangos to fries. Really, just give me all the food. Odds are if it’s in front of me I’m just going to eat it no matter what it is.


Food aversions- Not much. Milk gave me heartburn the other day, which was weird since it’s supposed to suppress that, but I’m not averse to it by any means. In fact, I’m about to pour me a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a few minutes.

Exercise- I had a fabulous week last week filled with running, spinning, and swimming. This week so far I’ve done all three and am planning to register for an open water swim race being held in Canandaigua Lake on Saturday. I’m at least happy with how my activity level is doing given how tired and cranky I am.

What I’m missing- Being able to see my feet. I totally smashed my shin apart the other day because I can’t see what’s directly under or in front of me.

What I’m loving- Baby thumps and wiggles, expect for when I’m trying to sleep. But otherwise I love feeling all the movement. She’s such a wiggle worm. Girl barely ever stops squirming around in there.

Next appointment- Wednesday, August 19th for an OB check and growth scan.