HDBD Week 23

It’s Wednesday, it’s hump day, it’s bump day. I’m 23 weeks and 3 days along and just kind of cruising right now.


Baby size- A bushel of grapes

My size- Well, I gained back the nearly pound and half I lost, but I haven’t gained anything else. I haven’t put on any weight in weeks. Not complaining by any means. My belly is definitely getting bigger though.

My mood- I have good days and bad days. I had a total meltdown Monday night. I seem to be averaging one sob filled pregnancy related break down a week at this point. Otherwise most of my days are pretty normal, despite my mood swinging from time to time. My temper is a lot shorter nowadays, but that’s whatever.

Rings- Off. Sad face. They’re on a thin chain around my neck and will likely stay there until after baby is born.

Symptoms- Uh, all of them. Everything. I have lots of aches and pains. I had a horrible resurgence of morning sickness for a few days there. My sciatica is hurtin’ something fierce. And my belly is seriously in the way. I’m starting to bump it on lots of things. I’ve never been one to carry weight in my mid section, so having a giant protruding gut is confusing and difficult to maneuver.

Cuddle face puppy dog has no idea what he’s in for.

Food cravings- Wegmans Ultimate White Cake. About half way through spin class it was suddenly all I could think about. And Wegmans did not have single slices in the grab and go when I went after class. I may or may not have bought a whole cake… but in my defense I bought the mini, with only four servings… yup.

Food aversions- Nothing too much. Still sort of chicken.

Exercise- “running”, spinning, and swimming. Lots of walking Griswold around the neighborhood too.

What I’m missing- My ability to do normal levels of activity. Rob and I were painting the guest room the other day, something that normally would not hinder my energy levels. But after about an hour I was desperate for nap. I just can’t hang anymore.

What I’m loving- The look on Rob’s face the first time he felt baby kick from the outside. His eyes lit up and he was so excited. It was amazing and totally melted my heart.

Next appointment- A week from today! And my mom is coming to that one, so she gets to see little girl on the ultrasound, which will be really exciting.