HDBD Week 24

Hello viability, nice to see you!

Just because you can now survive in the outside world though, little girl, you are not invited out yet. Regardless of how I feel about being pregnant, I need you to stay put for at least another 13 weeks. At least. But feel free to come before 40 weeks, because let’s be honest, I suck at pregnancy.

Oh hey, a night time photo! The heat is making me soooo puffy!

Baby size- Eggplant! At this point Ellie is over a foot long and over a pound in weight.

My size- I am hitting a new 10lbs weight range right now, one I’ve never seen before on a scale. It’s kind of breaking  my heart a little. And I still have three more months of pregnancy. Yikes!

My mood- This has been a bit of a struggle for me lately. I’ve been crying a lot more than usual and having lots of pity parties about the fact that I am starting to have a difficult time with basic things. Putting on socks? HARD. My toes needed to be repainted badly and I really didn’t want to shell out for a pedicure, but I just can’t touch my own toes long enough to cut and paint my nails. A travesty, really.

From last week. My belly has since begun to engulf my boobs.

Rings- Off and around my neck, but it’s taking a lot of my will power not to put my engagement ring back on. It’s a smidge larger in size and I could probably wear it and get it on and off for a while more still. Wedding ring is definitely retired until post baby though.

Symptoms- All the growing pains. Muscle aches in my pelvis and ribs, my hips hurt, my back aches, my sciatica burns. It’s like I can feel myself growing bigger as it happens. I’ve also been really tired lately. I started sleeping in my Garmin 920XT and it’s pretty spot on for my sleep data it seems. But it’s also insanely depressing to look at. Monday night it says I only got 23 minutes of deep sleep. TWENTY THREE MINUTES out of 7 hours and 28 minutes it says I “slept” for. That includes when I’m awake in the middle of the night too, by the way. The rest of the time was spent tossing and turning or wide awake. And I did have a solid bout of preg-somnia Monday night. I was awake for about two hours, which included some minor wandering around my house trying to decide if I wanted to just stay up and or go lay in bed and stare at my ceiling. I chose the ceiling, but I still got basically no sleep. And my trusty Garmin recorded all my mid night wandering into my sleep data. THANKS GARMIN.

Have a sad face from Monday because I was freaking miserable.

Food cravings- I would really like some Tully’s Tenders. I might sweet talk my mom into taking me there today.

Food aversions- Mehhhhh, still just mostly chicken breast. Obviously a contradictory craving versus aversion, but as long as I can’t see the meat I can eat it. If I see it or it has juices or anything I can’t even deal.

Exercise- Mostly running, spinning, and lots of walking. Well, less right now because it’s Hades Hot outside this week, but I’m still trying to do as much as I can. I really need to hit the pool again.

What I’m missing- Being comfortable. Being able to self regulate my body temperature. I am a sweaty, desperately overheated mess all the time it seems. Everyone else is always comfortable, or even cool sometimes and then I’m over here all like “EFF YOU IT IS SO HOT AND I’M DYING.” Dying. That’s how this weather makes me feel. Monday I laid on the futon in the basement audibly, loudly, groaning and whining and while flailing about.  And at least it was only 70F down there versus the 86F (!) it was in the rest of the house. And even at 70F I could not get comfortable. The struggle is real and it’s making me super duper cranky.

What I’m loving- My husband. I had a meltdown (are you seeing the trend here yet) Tuesday morning over my previously aforementioned inability to cut and paint my own toenails. He wasn’t home for it, but he was aware it happened. In response, he called over a gift certificate to the spa at the Belhurst. So while I was there getting my very first ever pedicure (I know, I am super bad at girl-ing) I went ahead and got myself a prenatal massage too. That was absolutely the right answer.

Next appointment- Today! OB check and growth scan. My mom is coming today since Rob is back to work full time again. She’s been going crazy, she’s so excited to see little girl live on the ultrasound screen.