HDBD Week 25

I’m 25 weeks and 3 days today and the count down to my third trimester is totally on. I can’t believe I’m getting so close to the home stretch and that in like three months we’ll be welcoming baby.

Speaking of welcoming baby, we did our hospital tour last night. It was pretty good. The tour guide was a bit over zealous, but it was nice to make the drive, find out how to get into the hospital and to the floor we need, see the rooms and the nurseries, all that stuff. All informative. It was definitely worth doing.


Baby size- Over a foot long and pushing that 2lbs mark. This week little Ellie is about the size of a head of cauliflower or cabbage.

My size- I have once again lost weight. I went five weeks without gaining any, gained three pounds in four days, then promptly lost two of those pounds two days later. And now I’m hoovering around a 1-2lbs loss. And regardless of my yo-yoing weight, my size is increasing. My belly pushed out forward quite a bit this week and a lot of my shirts are suddenly not long enough and you can see the panel of my pants peaking out.

My mood- As wild as ever. I had another sobbing meltdown Monday afternoon. I just can’t even deal with my inability to handle my emotions right now. My poor husband, he has to put up with so much from me right now. During my little fit too he reminded me that this is his first time going through this too and I think it’s easy for me to forget that when I’m so focused on how I’m feeling every second of the day.

Rings- Off. Wahwah. I tried my engagement ring again and it’s a bit tight, so I guess they’re done for good now until after baby gets here.

Symptoms- Aside from my raging mood swings, I’m starting to have back pain. I think it’s because my belly dropped forward this week and it’s pulling my spine out of alignment, but it sucks. I’ve been sleeping with my big body pillow for about a week now and it helps, but it makes sleeping more cumbersome. Give and take I guess. I also get a fair number of braxton hicks throughout the day. Our doctors said they’re fine as long as they remain infrequent, so I’m not worrying about it since I have no other preterm labor symptoms at this point.

Food cravings- Doughnuts. I may have eaten doughnuts a few time in the last week. It’s been a constant craving for me lately and even when I eat one, I still want more. I’m not a much of a sweets eater normally, so to have a sugar craving that is basically insatiable is really cramping my style.

Food aversions- Not much really. Still avoiding chicken breast, but that’s about it. And I’m still okay eating it if it’s breaded, just not like a plain breast.


Exercise- Running and the gym so far this week. Our only shower is currently gutted out, so I need to hit the gym daily until the new one is in and functioning if I want to have access to a shower.

What I’m missing- My full bathroom. It’s currently gutted so that our new tub can be installed. It means showering at the gym, which isn’t bad, but it’s definitely inconvenient.

What I’m loving- The weather! It’s like 70F and breezy and fabulous. Next week is going to be hot again. Boooooo.

Next appointment- Monday with one of the high risk doctors for our fetal echocardiogram as a follow up to my two vessel umbilical cord issue. Just need to confirm that it isn’t effecting Eleanor’s heart development.