HDBD Week 26

Wednesday, hello. I’m back to work today. Wah wah. But that’s okay, work should make the time between now and baby coming fly by, which I’m ready for.

We had our fetal echo cardiogram Monday. It wasn’t bad and the specialist doctor we saw gave Ellie a clean bill of health. From what he can see there are no heart problems and she should be good to go, heart defect risk free. We will, however, still be getting all the extra growth scans and monitoring, so a little give and take I guess.


Baby size- A butternut squash or coconut.

My size- I haven’t really been able to weigh myself much lately with our house in shambles. That’s probably a good thing given my workouts have been off and my eating is a hot mess now that we’re without a kitchen.

My mood- Right now, pretty crabby. My last week or so of summer break was spent babysitting contractors for a job that should have been done in July, so I’m not too pleased about that. It’s also really hot and humid again, which I do not tolerate when I’m not pregnant. Pregnancy has made me a complete bear when it comes to being hot.

Rings- Off.

Symptoms- I just, ugh. Looootttttssssss of cramping and braxton hicks. But I don’t otherwise have any preterm labor symptoms, so I just kind of have to fight through them. I’m also becoming permanantly slow and sluggish. It takes me a while to get up if I’m sitting or laying down, I shuffle slowly when I’m on the move, I’m just slow and deliberate with my movements.

Food cravings- It was pumpkin roll! Wegmans has had fall decorations out for a few weeks now and the cinnamon smell was kicking my desire for pumpkin roll into over drive. And they finally started putting some out this week, so you bet your booty I ate a bunch.

Food aversions- I don’t know. I’m starting to lose my drive to eat again. I’m hungry all the time, but actually getting food into me is hard work a lot of the time. And not much sounds good, so with our kitchen torn apart and nonfunctional, I’ve been succumbing to a lot of comfort food. Bad, bad, bad, but oh so yummy.

Exercise- I hit spin class last night and I’ll be running tonight in some capacity.


What I’m missing- Wine. I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out lately and a glass of wine sounds heavenly. We live in wine country. We own more wine than normal people. I want to pour myself a glass like no one’s business. Sigh.

What I’m loving- Stretch pants. Not gonna lie, I might be wearing over sized yoga pants as work pants for the next ten weeks. I’m at the point where my comfort is a nonnegotiable. Yup.

Next appointment- September 18th for my glucose tolerance test, a growth scan, and an OB check.

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  1. Ahh I definitely relate to you on so many of those symptoms! It’s funny how long it takes me (and out of breath!) to get up off the couch, lol. I haven’t had too many braxton hicks, but I’ve had so much pelvic pain that is just terrible! Remember you’re closer to the end than the beginning 🙂 Also, the food deal. I have been feeling JUST like you! I get hungry, but stare at food for so long because nothing sounds good, haha.

    1. Yes to pelvic pain! And yes to the end being in sight. I’m so close to my third trimester, then I’m starting my countdown.

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